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Optigami (and some more on Mega Leech)

Whew, it feels like forever since we got to talk about Miraculous! (It was only three days. But we realized something about Mega Leech that I wanted to write about and it's been bugging me.)

Okay, so when we talked about Mega Leech however long ago it was, I mentioned that I thought it was odd that Gabriel Agreste would be upset about Adrien defying him about the Project Oxygen thing. After some thought and discussion, Athena pointed out that that scene is where we see Agreste fiddling with his wedding ring in a Very Significant Way, and the only other time they really mention the wedding ring is Felix. And the significance of Felix is that's the episode when Agreste comes thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to telling Adrien that he's been Hawk Moth all along! Gasp! So now we realize that there's a good chance he wasn't too broken up about Project Oxygen; in fact, it's not entirely unlikely that it really was just another one of his attempts to deliberately akumatize someone (as Ladybug points out in Mr. Pigeon 72, people are getting re-akumatized more because Hawk Moth is learning more about how to manipulate them, which means, at least as far as Ladybug can tell, he is probably going out of his way to upset people (and we know for a fact that he's done it several other times)).

The point is! if Adrien is willing to defy his father over Project Oxygen, a project which already had his (Adrien's) own image on it, there's a good chance he won't be too on board with the whole Hawk Moth thing. In fact, including Adrien in Project Oxygen may possibly have been a test to see how Adrien would react to his father, you know, being evil and stuff. So now I feel a lot better about all that business.

Now on to the next episode! Optigami! First and foremost, I have to say that I love the name of this Sentimonster. It's opti, like in optical, and o---igami like origami, and it's -igami, like shikigami. And it looks like origami, which makes it paper, which is especially appropriate for a shikigami, because those are usually made of paper. So bravo, Sentimonster naming person!

This is another episode that features an obvious plot by Agreste to deliberately akumatize someone. I do think it should have been a little obvious when the only ones of Marinette's friends who were invited to this Fashion Icon event were the ones that had Miraculouses, but I'm just going to say the rest were invited and we didn't see them because their actors were on vacation. It's only especially strange to see Luka in an elevator with Adrien but not Juleka. Luka's just not part of the usual circle.

But speaking of elevators! Adrien and Marinette stuck in an elevator together is kind of a dream scenario for Adrinette shippers like us, which is why it was so darn frustrating that Marinette had to spend the whole time on the phone! I mean, I know she had problems to solve and everything, was just a little unfulfilling. But it was super cute anyway. When they were like, "Don't worry, my superhero persona will come save us!" and then when they realized they were stuck and they were like, "Don't worry, I'm sure your superhero persona will come save us..." And they were so cute and dejected. Awwwwww. And it was so kakko ii when Adrien noticed Optigami and pointed it out to Marinette. ...And I admit, Marinette's phone call to the Kwamis was really fun. Sometimes I can't tell if Sass is being sincere in his reasoning ("Maybe she was talking about Fluff!" "You're right, you do share a common ancestor.") or if he just likes to mess with people as much as Trixx. All the texting was the best, too! "Hey, Adrien's stuck in an elevator with Marinette!" "That's great and not a problem at all..."

Other than the fact that this was just a pretty fun episode all around, I think the main thing I wanted to mention was Chat Noir. Back in Truth, he says he has no problem with Ladybug's new role as Guardian as long as it doesn't change what the two of them have going, but in this episode, the dynamic clearly starts to shift, and we're more than a little worried (and kind of excited) about what the consequences are going to be. ...But first, let's not forget that Rena Rouge just dumped Adrien on a random rooftop in Paris without knowing that he was in any way capable of leaving said rooftop. Did they figure the Miraculous Ladybugs would put him back on the ground? Or maybe there was a scene we didn't see where someone goes back to get him or they mention him to Chat Noir who says, "Oh yeah, I already rescued him, it's fine."

Anyway. The main problem is that, when Chat Noir runs into Ladybug and sees Rena Rouge and Carapace and Kaalki, she tells him, "I would have gotten you, too, but I don't know your secret identity." I mean, we get that she probably was a little flustered, especially with Rena Rouge being more of an accomplice and also surprising her with Carapace, so she might have panicked when she felt the need to explain the presence of the other heroes, or maybe part of her realized that Chat Noir was going to feel left out because he's pouty like that. But that's never how their dynamic worked to begin with--they both find out about the supervillain and join up, sometimes they call each other. But Ladybug has never had to go pick up Chat Noir in the same way she did Rena Rouge or any of the others. So her excuse, first of all, was probably unnecessary. But even worse! she chose the exact worst reasoning to justify it! Like, Chat Noir's been wanting to share secret identities since season one, so when she says, "Oh, but I don't know who you really are!" hurts. He only keeps his identity a secret out of respect for her. Or at least, we're pretty sure that's the main reason.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch more Miraculous again, the name Optigami, vanilla Eggo waffles with honey and peanut butter, having a chance to clear out some of the flowers that have overrun Futagojima, and finding the parachuting Foongus.
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