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Beware the power of Bishounen...

MAR is an interesting show. Not so much in that the story is interesting, because it's a fighting show, which means it's lots and lots of fighting without so much story progression, which means it's hard to remember what exactly is going on with everything. But it's interesting in how it seems to be trying to hook the viewers. They've got a character for almost every demographic to watch for. They've got the hero, the hero's less-than-competent friend, the younger girl who tries her best!, the older girl with angst and a dark past, the womanizer, the rugged guy who's good at everything, and the mascots. In our case, we're obviously watching for Alvis, the bishounen.

Alvis is the Mikagami (from Flame of Recca) of MAR (both created by Nobuyuki Anzai). First, they make him all mysterious, and voice him as Soichiro Hoshi (who I'm becoming more and more convinced is the next Hikaru Midorikawa). Since probably a lot of fangirls would have become Hoshi-san fans from all his various bishonen characters and especially Kira from Gundam Seed, this catches their attention. So they (or we at least) keep watching in hopes of seeing this character. And then they give him a little fairy to show that he has a softer side. Thinking about it, it's like they're trying to make him fit the description... Okay, if you've ever seen the Weekenders, there's one episode where Tish and Lor are explaining to Tino and Carver what girls like in a guy, and they came up with something along the lines of a dangerous lost puppy. There was more to it so it was funnier, but it looks like that's what they're going for with Alvis. And then they gave him a fatal curse, so of course we have to keep watching to see it lifted. They even teased us once with almost lifting the curse but failing.

And that's why we keep watching MAR despite our growing boredom with endless fight scenes.

Today's been kind of a blah day. Then I remind myself that we're not leaving for Disneyland today and I get sad. But I'm optimistic, so it's okay. I think I made things worse for myself by playing Hellfire (Hunchback of Notre Dame) on the piano and not playing Someday or God Help the Outcasts to kind of dispel the mood or something. But I had already played those, and I didn't want to play them again. At any rate, I'm feeling better (maybe because I've eaten now), and we should have time to play Kingdom Hearts tonight, which we haven't done in like three whole days. And we have ice cream!

Definitely looking forward to tomorrow, and hoping presents will be involved. At the very least, we get to see a movie and go to Coldstone's, so we won't be all that upset if there aren't any presents. We're a little bit worried that we might be in trouble with Mom, because when we went to pick up Advent Children on Wednesday, we ended up meeting Steve at MacDonald's for dinner, and we weren't as nice as we could have been. Though we weren't as mean as we could have been, either. I was amused when I threatened to bring Fantasia to watch on Sunday, and Steve said, "Of all the Disney movies, you had to pick that one." Interestingly, I never would have had the idea if I hadn't seen Sarah's Fantasia 2000 screensaver when we went to their place the other day. At any rate, everything we said to Steve was stuff we felt needed to be said, so we don't regret saying it. Especially since we weren't really expecting presents anyway.

Today I'm thankful for the piano, having the sheet music for the Fantasmic! finale, Tony's four-cheese pizza, freezers, and little turtles.
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