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Seven Deadly Sins finale

We did not binge the entire last batch of Seven Deadly Sins episodes all at once, partly because we had work, and partly because we still wanted to watch Miraculous. But we finished it tonight! And I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I mean, I think I liked the ending. It was super cute seeing Meliodas and Tristan and Elizabeth. And I'm really glad it didn't end with her dying like in that weirdo vision Chaos? Cath? Caspery? I don't know how it's spelled, because we watched it in Japanese with Japanese subtitles... Anyway, I'm glad we didn't have another Elizabeth dying again. In fact, I think I generally like that kind of ending, but this time it felt a little unfulfilling.

So they broke the curse, and that's the main thing we've been wanting, but I guess it was kind of anti-climactic? Like, "Oh yeah, I can just do that now," and he just did it, and there wasn't like any kind of embrace with Meliodas and Elizabeth being so happy to be together or anything. And maybe that's because Meliodas was all, "Well, I broke the curse, but now I have to leave, so." But then they broke the curse again and barely even told us it was broken. Like, it was mentioned in passing, but they didn't show it happening, even though it's kind of super important. It was so bad, when he used up all his demon king powers, we were like, "Please tell me he thought break the curse first." I mean, it was only the one thing he'd been obsessing over for three millennia, so it would be silly of him to forget, but as an audience member, I want to see it happen.

We also never got the story of how Meliodas and Elizabeth fell in love in the first place. They hinted at it, when the two of them went to fight the demon king, and the demon king's all, "Oh, I see you brought excess baggage, thanks for the help," and Elizabeth is all, "Oh, I'm not here as excess baggage," and Meliodas is all, "Yeah, dude, don't underestimate her like I did," which sounded like he was hinting at their first meeting and maybe it was a battle? (Logical, since they were on opposite sides of a war.) And he revealed that Back in the Day she was known as Bloody Ellie (my translation; I don't know what the official one is), and they went to a commercial break and focused on other characters for a while and I was so excited to hear more about Bloody Ellie, or at the very least see a cool fight scene with her and the demon king, but we got how many of those things? Zero. It's like they just skipped part of the battle, because they had clearly moved on by the time they got back to those characters.

So that was sad for us. We got more backstory on Escanor, which was awesome, and more backstory on Merlin, which was kind of like, "Okay, but really?" Not that I didn't like or want the backstory, just that I was a little taken off guard by the harem-manga-ness of it. Merlin was the last character I expected that kind of a motive from. But the way they explained it, it did make sense.

I was very happy that Escanor's feelings finally made it through to Merlin. That was probably the best part of this whole set of episodes. We're still holding onto hope for him because so few people have actually stayed dead in this series. On the other hand, if he stays dead, maybe he's hanging out with Rosa, and I'm pretty sure that would be happy for him, too.

So yeah. There's still a movie, which we know has King and Diane's wedding, so maybe it has some of the other stuff that will make the series feel complete. Namely, a flashback to Meliodas and Elizabeth meeting and/or falling in love, and Escanor coming back to life. (Okay, I could probably do without the second one, but I sure would like it if it happened.)

And now I'm just feeling very sighful. Athena's suggesting we go watch Oblivio. Sleep is probably more important. We'll see.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see all of Seven Deadly Sins (except for the final movie, which I think hits Netflix in two weeks?), also getting to watch Miraculous, work going pretty okay, the tasty lemon bars we got from my ministering companion, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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