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Sole Crusher and Queen Banana

Work has been very kind to us lately, which means we have lots of time to watch Miraculous! So let's talk about it some more!

So now we're on the episodes that introduce Zoe and Vesperia, and...we really don't have much of an opinion on the episodes themselves. Zoe is nice enough, I guess. She has a cute character design, and I really like her outfit. And as an American, I like that she's from New York. Apparently Marinette figured that out from her accent, but her accent sounds the same as most other characters. Jagged Stone's American accent is much thicker, and I love it, which is really the only reason I brought up Zoe's accent at all. We trust that she does have one, and neither of us is good enough at French to tell.

I like the name Sole Crusher for Zoe's akumatization. I think the writers did a good job of making it make sense that anyone would ever want to be like Chloe Bourgeois. And Sabrina locked in a closet was pretty funny...but oh man, Sabrina. You need to find healthier interests.

The story for Queen Banana intrigues me, because I've heard about how "Corporate" or other higher-up types have injected their opinions into movies, changing everything from the artists' original vision, etc., and the fact that there's an episode like this in Miraculous makes me wonder how much it has happened to the series in real life. In particular...Zoe. It seems kind of odd for them to introduce a new character this late in the show, especially one whose backstory, as far as we know, isn't very close entwined with anyone else in the show. I mean, she doesn't even have a past with Chloe, so... But we could easily be wrong. Maybe we'll find out who Zoe's "one friend" is, and it will be someone who make us go, "Ooooohhhh, that's why!" But in the meantime, she's kind of Mary Sue-ish. ...Although we've also been reading Facebook posts about how we shouldn't denigrate Mary Sues.

There's another thing about Zoe that concerns us, even though it might make her presence on the show more relevant. Namely, we really, really, really did not like how Vesperia was looking at Chat Noir at the end of the Queen Banana battle. I mean, maybe we're overthinking it, and she was just like, "Oh, he was a nice friend," but the look on her face was kiiiiind of like the way Viperion looked at Ladybug, and the way Adrien sometimes looks at Marinette. Which is to say, we're afraid she might have come along to be another love rival, now that Kagami is out of the picture.

And it's really bumming me out, like, super big time. I just imagine this scene where Chat Noir is feeling discouraged (which seems super likely considering later events, which I'll discuss also later) like in Glaciator, only instead of finding Marinette, he finds Zoe. And they hit it off, and Zoe is the first person he knows who actually likes him as Chat Noir, and they become a couple, and because she's from America where superheroes don't have to keep their identities secret (according to Alya in United Heroez), they share their identities with each other, and Adrien's super happy because he's not alone with his secret anymore and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

I can't take it. I mean, I want Adrien to be happy, but for some reason that I have yet to figure out, the idea of him being happy with anyone but Marinette makes me exceptionally sad. And we have a Ladybug & Chat Noir figure that practically guarantees they'll be together in the end...or does it? I don't know! I keep flashing back to The Elephant Princess, where they set up this super cute couple at the end of season one, and then in season two they just both ended up attracted to other people, with no reason for them to stop caring about each other.

...So. In short. Originally, we were just kind of confused by Zoe, but after watching Queen Banana for the third time today, her existence is throwing my life into chaos. Hopefully we'll get the next batch of episodes in, say, December. All the stuff they're setting up with Chat Noir has us more than a little worried. ...But on the bright side, they'll probably result in some very good episodes that we'll like a lot. As long as there's not too much Zoe/Chat Noir action.

I think I may be letting a cartoon have too much influence over my life. But for better or worse, the last batch of Seven Deadly Sins episodes should be hitting Netflix tomorrow, so at least I'll get some distraction from the distressing possibilities. (I really should stop worrying about it, because as Newt Scamander says, "If you worry, you suffer twice.")

Today I'm thankful for wise words from Newt Scamander, work being kind to us, new Seven Deadly Sins soon, season one of Elephant Princess, and getting to have sundaes soon.
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