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Mr. Pigeon and Furious Fu

We watched three episodes of Miraculous today, but we finished the evening by watching the last couple of Shaman King episodes that are available on Netflix, so I'm having to switch gears. I find that's usually not very difficult until it's time to go back and remember stuff. But Athena reminds me, we were on Mr. Pigeon 72.

First of all, the title is's great. I think 72 is just the right number. Enough to let us know that M. Ramier has been akumatized a whole heck of a lot, but not so many times as to be completely unrealistic. This episode also remembered Adrien's allergy, which is now just pigeons, instead of feathers in general? That makes sense, though, because people can be allergic to cats or dogs without being allergic to fur in general. I definitely think Adrien is developing a tolerance, though, because he's still able to film commercials with pigeons as long as they don't get too close to his face. Before, they didn't have to get nearly that close before he was sneezing.

But more importantly, Marinette was super adorable in this episode! Her swimsuit, for starters. I can't get over how cute it is. I don't know what it is; maybe I just really like that shade of pink. Kagami's swimsuit was very Kagami, too, and very cool. Adrien's...I mean, I know it's easier to animate skintight clothes...and I'm glad they weren't bikini briefs. It reminded both of us of Ouran High School Host Club, where the author says that, really, Tamaki would have been wearing bikini briefs, but she just couldn't bring herself to do it, so he wore regular swim trunks instead.

Anyway. After Chat Noir and Alya get a chance to put their friend above their own desires, now it's Marinette's turn. Alya tells her that Adrien and Kagami have broken up, and her first thought isn't, "Now's my chance!" it's, "Oh wow, Kagami must be hurting so much right now!" Of course, part of that is that Marinette has put herself under the illusion that she can never have a boyfriend, but it's still great that she cares about Kagami...even if one does get the impression that she was trying to live the girlfriend life vicariously more than actually help Kagami. I mean, Kagami tried to tell her multiple times that she really had zero interest in getting back with Adrien. (One of my favorite shots is when Kagami is standing with her arm out in a blocking position while Marinette keeps trying to push her to the pool.)

Now that I'm thinking of it, though, I'm really glad that Alya is still up to her tricks of getting Marinette and Adrien together. We noticed a distinct lack of that in this batch of episodes, and I was worried that, while she was busy supporting Ladybug, she would adopt Marinette's "it's too dangerous for Ladybug to be in a relationship" philosophy. Looking back on this episode reminds us that that is not the case. Nevertheless, now that Marinette has Alya to confide in, Chat Noir is no longer the only other human being she can talk to about the superhero life, which means she probably won't end up talking to him about her romantic woes any time soon. Boo.

...I think those are my main thoughts on that episode. Oh! Except for Alya's very important realization. Alya figured out that Ladybug can make up her own rules, which means she can probably overcome the whole "Guardian must lose their memories" thing, which was one of the most painful things of the Season Three finale. It's bad enough that Master Fu lost his memories, but the idea that someday Marinette will forget all about Chat Noir and Adrien and everyone? No! (Another comment I read on Instagram before I learned my lesson (why oh why did it take me so long?) was someone saying, "Please don't let Marinette lose her memories!" and I was thinking about it, and it occurred to me, "Dangit, she has a diary. Of course she's going to lose her memories." We'll see if that theory is true.)

Oh! And it was really nice when Marinette almost returned Adrien's umbrella. I still think she could have gotten a ride home with him, but I guess then she couldn't have danced in the rain.

Anyway, let's move on to Furious Fu. It makes me a little sad, because I was holding on to this faint hope that the memory loss thing was just something Fu made up in case of an emergency, and Wayzz hid from him in the Season Three finale because he was in on the plot....yeah, it's a little too complicated to have actually worked. But Fu has definitely lost his memories, and that does not bode well for Marinette. Definitely thankful for the hope Alya gave us in the previous episode. This episode expanded on the "making new rules" theme, too, so there's definitely hope.

The soccer game with the Miracle Box was great! I especially loved that Ladybug was trying to invoke actual soccer rules ("Red card! He touched the ball with his hand!"), and that Su-Han started out playing and then went to commentating...or rather, being an annoyed spectator. It was hilarious.

But the best part of this episode (for us) was when Ladybug called Chat Noir for a meeting with Su-Han, and Chat Noir didn't like the idea at all, but he was willing to give up his Miraculous if that's what Ladybug wanted him to do. But then Su-Han said he would take the Miracle Box and Ladybug reminded everyone that that means she would lose her memories, and as soon as he was confronted with the idea of her forgetting about him, he was all, "You want my Miraculous, you can take it out of my cold dead hands." ...Okay, it wasn't exactly like that, but he was pretty kakko ii. I love that cat.

Tadah! That's two episode reviews! I mean, these episodes aren't so plot-twisty, so there's not as much to say. But that doesn't make them any less enjoyable! We...think we may be in a contest with our other Miraculous-watching friend to see who can watch these episodes the most the fastest, because we've seen all the other episodes at least ten times. But it's not because we wanted to have this super high view count to brag about (I could say there are more productive ways to spend our time than watching offense, Miraculous--you're the best ever!). It's really just because the characters in Miraculous are the people we want to spend our time with, because we love the series that much.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch more Miraculous (started with Truth again), getting a decent amount of work done despite some serious distractions, meeting a fan of ours, the idea that we actually have fans, and also being caught up with Shaman King.
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