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Miraculous: Gang of Secrets

We have now seen the first half of Miraculous Season Four twice! "Only twice?" you might ask, and frankly, we're a little surprised, too, but I assure you, it's no indication of our diminishing love for the series. It only means that we also have a Legend of Zelda game going on, and stuffed up ears that we're hoping to un-stuff for maximum enjoyment of vocal performances.

Anyway, let's review episode three!

Oh my goodness, this episode is huge. Probably the game-changingest episode so far...which is why I'm a little bummed that I got spoiled for it, but it was my own darn fault. I should have known not to read any comments on any Instagram related to Miraculous. Fortunately, it was early on in the season, so I wasn't watching a bunch of episodes being all, "It's gonna happen eventually..." Of course, I suspected it was going to happen eventually anyway.

But I digress. The important thing is Chat Noir. He's sadly not in this episode very much, but when he is, it's awesome, as usual. Of course he notices that Ladybug is acting strange, so he tries to talk to her, and she's like, "I don't want to talk, okay!" and he's like, "Okay, I know where we can go where there will be no talking!" and the next thing we know, they're at the movies! Aaaaaaaaahhh!!! I love it! Despite the extremely annoyed look on Ladybug's face. I mean, Chat Noir has invited her to the movies several times before, so of course he's going to take this opportunity. And she hated the choice of movie, so you know he's the one who picked it.

One does have to wonder how he actually got her into her seat at the theater. Like, surely she would have figured out what was going on. Maybe she didn't care, because she was like, "Fine, as long as there's no talking," or she was on the lookout for supervillains? It's a mystery! But there are possible explanations, so I'm not willing to call it a plot hole.

And why did Chat Noir choose a rom-com? Because that's the kind of movie you see when you're on a date? Because he thought that Ladybug would like it? Because he thought he would like it? Well, that's not really important. The important thing is that it was so cute and so hilarious when he tried to do that thing where the guy stretches and ends up with his arm around the girl. On the one hand, it's like, "Oh my gosh, Chat Noir. Really? That old cliche?" but on the other hand, of course he's going to try it. Anything to get closer to Ladybug.

Then Ladybug loses patience and starts yelling at the movie, and this part was so sweet! Chat Noir immediately picked up on the fact that she had had her heart broken, and all he wanted to do from then on was anything he could to help her feel better. It wasn't until after we finished the episode the second time that I remembered, "Wait. He's known for a long time that she's been in love with 'somebody else,' and that's why she would never return his affection. He's been waiting all that time for this other guy to be out of the picture, and now there are very strong indications that he is!" But he didn't show any sign of triumph or excitement on his own behalf--he just sincerely wanted to help Ladybug.

So Ladybug ditches the movie and goes to the pool instead, which brings up the next important question: did Chat Noir go with her? We may never know. The next time we see either of them, Aquabug is at home in her room. And thankfully we have Trixx now, because otherwise, poor Tikki may have been trapped inside Marinette's earrings forever. Trixx sure is good at manipulating people. It's a good thing he only uses his powers for far as we've seen.

Meanwhile, because all the friends in this series are amazing friends, of course Marinette's friends have all realized that Marinette has been feeling bad. So they all invade her room, and oh my goodness, I thought Alya was going to catch Marinette in Ladybug mode. That was a really close call. I mean, this is the kind of thing that makes me glad some people are willing to barge into people's rooms sometimes...mostly because I do want to see what happens if they stumble on her secret. It's a fun kind of suspense. But oh the sadness and drama that ensued! And Marinette said she didn't want to be friends with them anymore! Aaaaaaaahhhh! Her line when she says, "At least now I won't have to lie anymore, because there's no one to lie to," was so so so sad.

Of course you can't expect her very good, caring, loving friends to not be akumatized after something like that. So then there's supervillains and all that stuff. Alya fighting off the akumatization was super awesome. I was a little nervous when Ladybug sent Chat Noir to fight Timebreaker, though, considering what happened the first time they fought Timebreaker. And then they beat the bad guy, etc. When Ladybug pulled out the Fox Miraculous, I was like, "First we had a Ladybug episode, then a Chat Noir episode, now a Rena Rouge episode... Do we get a Carapace episode next?" I was only a little disappointed (I like Carapace a lot, but I love all the Miraculous episodes. Except the Season Three finale).

So everyone's saved, Marinette apologizes to her friends, etc. etc. and then Alya decides to stay behind and talk to Marinette. And oh my goodness, you guys, this scene was so amazing, and the voice actors did such a good job. (Once again, not fluent in French, so we may have missed some nuance, but the emotions were so powerful.) I don't know if I can really say anything about the scene except that it was really really good. You could tell Marinette really wanted to share her burden with somebody but she was trying really hard to follow the "secret identity" rule because she knew it was there for a reason, and Alya was so supportive and so sympathetic with her friends pain. Even though I knew it was coming (stupid spoilers), I still couldn't tell until the very end if Marinette was going to come out and say it or not. And then she did, and just like Chat Noir finally hearing the news he's been waiting for all along, Alya's finally heard the news she's been waiting for all along, but there's not a single hint of, "Yes! Finally!" Her very first reaction was to see her friend struggling under a really heavy burden, to understand how hard it must have been for Marinette to be Ladybug all alone, and to give her friend a hug. I think it's probably the best non-romantic scene in the series so far, and I love it.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch a bunch of Miraculous today, also getting to play a bunch of Skyward Sword, work going super quick so we had time to do those things, getting to help Grawp when he was forbidden from playing video games, and having preordered our copy of the Noragami 24 special edition.
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