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Miraculous: Lies

Today we learned just how difficult it can be to acquire certain allergy medications, even when they're over-the-counter! What a strange world we live in.

But let's get back to our Miraculous Season 4 reviews!

Lies was a very important episode to us, because it's the one where Kagami gives up on Adrien. We always knew she wasn't the best fit for him, and fortunately, she learned that he's not the best fit for her. I still don't think she knows the real reason for that, but the point is they're broken up, and that's good enough for us.

I like how the episode paralleled what was going on with the previous episode, because watching Truth made me feel like stuff was going on that we didn't know about, and Lies filled in those blanks. It was really sad to see Chat Noir waiting for Ladybug, and Ladybug not showing up, and then he finds Kagami and suddenly it's okay! No, it's not okay! Gah!

...I mean, I do want Adrien to be happy. But he can't be happy with Kagami, and one of the main reasons for that was illustrated very clearly in the illustration scene (ha, ha, ha...see what I did there? ...yeah, I'm sorry.) I mean the scene where Kagami reveals her passion for sketching. I think it was very interesting that she said she likes sketching because she can see people for who they really are when she does, and then after demanding pose after pose from Adrien...well, she was right about those poses not being the real him, but when he did try to pose like Chat Noir, she was like, "That's not the real you, either." I guess she admitted that it was the real "silly" Adrien, but she doesn't like the silly Adrien. And anyone who's paying any attention knows that silly Adrien, aka Chat Noir, is the Adrien that Adrien likes the most. If he can't be that Adrien with Kagami, he can't really be happy with her.

I also wonder about the pose she did accept as "the real Adrien," because it was him with her backing him against the wall. So she thinks the real Adrien is the one who's trapped and lets people walk all over him? ...Well, she's not wrong about that, either. It also kind of indicates her controlling personality, which is another reason they're not a good match: he does not need more controlling people in his life. It sounds super cheesy, but it's true: he needs to be free!

The "ha! see? he doesn't really like Kagami after all!" side of me was really happy to see that, after that scene, every time Kagami tries to get them some alone time, he seems pretty distant. I mean, in most cases, he ditched her for Ladybug, which you could say comes from a sense of duty to protect Paris. But the barge scene was very telling. She lied to get them a few minutes alone while they waited for their ride to Prince Ali's birthday party, and he's all, "Oh darn it, I could have stayed and played music longer," completely oblivious to the fact that he is now alone with his "girlfriend." They could have finally had that kiss that Kagami's been trying for all this time, and he's just like, "We'll have lots of time together at the birthday party." Clearly, Kagami is not number one on his list.

That all being the case, it is pretty understandable that Kagami would be upset enough to be akumatized. I think the ice cream excuse was the worst. They stopped to get ice cream from Andre, and he's like, "Oops, my dad's probably worried." Like, we all know that's probably true, but it's always true, so why should it make a difference, especially when the alternative is ice cream?

So she's mad and starts freezing anybody who's ever told a lie, and I think the writers aren't wrong in assuming that's everybody...but I do like to think that I've told very few lies in my life. When Roger said, "Cops never lie!" and Lies was like, "Oh really?" I was like, "I don't...think...I've told any deliberate lies..." But there are always times where, like, I'll act like I don't know what's going to happen in a story to avoid spoilers for whoever I'm talking to, or I'll obscure the truth for a surprise. And of course when you're fighting with someone and you say stuff that, on further reflection, you realize you probably didn't mean, but you thought it was true at the time. We humans make life very complicated.

Athena and I both disagree with Ladybug's assertion that Fang, as an animal, wouldn't know how to lie. Anyone who thinks that clearly has not had cats. Or they've had very well-behaved cats. I think dogs do it, too. Like, they'll do something they know their owner doesn't like, and you can see the "I didn't do it!" look in their eyes. But of course, Fang, being incapable of human speech, would not be able to tell a lie, so we agree that he'd be safe from Lies' curse.

And we know it's happened about a billion times by now, but we still like to see Chat Noir sacrifice himself. This season has made it clear that Adrien, more than anyone, is 100% sure that Ladybug will fix everything, and it's just so great to see his faith in action. Even when he's sulking (but that's a reference to a later episode).

So they save the day, and Adrigami is officially over. Adrien doesn't seem too broken up about the fact that he can't have a love life and be Chat Noir, probably because his ideal love life is with Ladybug. That's our ideal for him, too. Someday...

Today I'm thankful for our allergy meds quest (surprisingly long as it was) ending in success, getting to play video games with Grawp, getting to play Skyward Sword, the grocery store having our preferred flavor of chips, and getting plenty of exercise.
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