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Reviewing Miraculous

I gave just a few of our thoughts on the most recent batch of Miraculous episodes to hit Disney+, and now it's time to expand on them! Starting with the first episode of season four, Truth.

First of all, as I said before, the most important thing is that the painful events at the end of the season three finale have now been undone, and all is right with the world. No, I'm not talking about Chloe deciding she's done with Ladybug--I'm sure that will be fixed in due time, and in the meantime, it's pretty much the status quo with her, so we'll just look forward to her becoming a better person later.

The worst part of what we like to call The Pain is when Marinette and Adrien seemed to pair off with the Wrong People. It really hurt us to see it (but that didn't stop us from watching the season three finale ten times). But the very first episode of this season features Marinette's breakup with Luka, and I admit, it really sucks for both Marinette and Luka. Luka's so sweet about it, too. The whole series, he keeps telling Marinette he understands if she likes Adrien more, and you can tell he really means that, because when he gets akumatized and starts forcing the truth out of people, and they all say, "Marinette's secret is that she likes Adrien Agreste," he's like, "That's not a secret," which means it's nowhere near what's been bothering him about her secretiveness.

I do think that it was a little unfair of him to feel betrayed when she told him that the truth is the one thing she can't tell him, because was clearly being honest about that. As someone who works in a field where sometimes we have to keep things confidential, I understand that sometimes you just can't tell people stuff. (When we got assigned to work on Edens Zero, our editor was like, "Do not let this get out before the first chapter goes live, or what will follow could be worse than all of us losing our jobs!" ...We...had already mentioned it here on LJ. Oops... (Fortunately, Kodansha had already announced the global simulpub, so we're pretty sure there wasn't anything really to keep secret anymore, except for the chapter itself.))

I think that Luka understands that to some extent, too, but he was just really hurt that he couldn't be included in whatever was going on. He may even have been feeling kind of like what Alya told Marinette in Gang of Secrets--he could tell that whatever her secret was was hurting her, and it was killing him that he couldn't do anything to help. That, plus a real desire to know what was going on, is probably what weakened him enough that he couldn't fight off Shadow Moth. It was really awesome when he realized he wasn't going to beat the temptation and told Marinette to run. He really is a great guy.

Also in this episode, it comes out that Luka never knew who his father was, so immediately Athena and I are like, "It's Jagged Stone, isn't it?" I mean, the big scene between Jagged and Anarka in Desperada kiiiiind of gave it away. It does make me curious about Juleka. A Japanese article we read somewhere said Luka and Juleka are twins, in which case Jagged Stone is her father, too, but Japan also says Chip and Dale are twins, which we know is false, so now I'm just sitting here not knowing.

Anyway. One of my favorite things about this episode is that, when Truth goes to Marinette's house, he asks Tom what the secret is, but he only asks Sabine if Marinette kept a journal. This is important to me, because it lets me hold on to my pet theory that Sabine has known Marinette's secret for a long time (possibly from reading said journal). So far there has been nothing in the series to truly disprove this theory.

Gasp! I haven't said anything about Chat Noir yet! He's the cutest, as always. His plan for preventing Ladybug from spilling her secrets was the best. "What are your three favorite traits of Chat Noir's?" It helps her and him at the same time! And now we have proof that she likes his sense of humor after all, which once again takes us back to Desperada, when she rolls her eyes at Chat Noir's joke about lucky horseshoes, after getting all giggly and flirty when Aspik told the exact same joke. We think she just has to roll her eyes at Chat Noir out of principle at this point.

What else can I say about this episode? All the tiny hats Tikki was trying on were adorable. I can see why dealing with the kwamis would stress Marinette out to no end. Luka calling Marinette from her living room was pretty cute, but what's this about her standing him up the day before? Apparently the kwamis hadn't broken out of the Miracle Box yet...but oh well. The game where Marinette and Luka quizzed each other on Jagged Stone songs was also very cute, and I like how they slipped in the reference to "My Guitar Is My Only Family" before Jagged brought it up later. (And man, if I were Luka confronting my dad, and he said, "I just wasn't ready to be a father, but I wrote a great song about how I only love my guitar!"...I'm not sure Jagged would have made it out unscathed, especially if I'd already been akumatized. But I guess Luka really likes that song, so.)

...And I think that's it for this episode. I wasn't originally planning to do reviews on each episode, but it turns out we just have too much to say to do it otherwise.

Today I'm thankful for getting to take the day off (mostly), getting plenty of sleep this morning, getting to watch four episodes of Miraculous, having a decent chunk of time to play Skyward Sword, and finishing the little bit of work we had to do.
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