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One more sleep until Miraculous

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, you guys!!! Tomorrow is the big day! Miraculous season four will finally be available streaming! ...I mean, half of it will, but that's a lot more than none of it! I'm so excited!!!!

As for today, the allergies have hit hard. At least, we're still pretty sure it's allergies, because it feels like sinus issues. At any rate, we were going full steam ahead for like a month in July/August, and when we slowed down it was to our regular level of steam, so we never really took any time to recover, and now we're suffering the consequences. On the bright side, thanks to Miraculous! we were already planning to take tomorrow off. So even if we're still feeling a little under the weather, we get to spend tomorrow relaxing and watching TV.

...Hopefully this batch of episodes won't hurt us as much as the last one.

Today I'm thankful for only one more sleep until more Miraculous, the yummy pizza we ordered today, finishing all our work in time to take the day off tomorrow, getting t-shirts with Minerva McGonagall on them, and streaming platforms that let us watch shows from all around the world.
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