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Ninja attacks

We had taken a break from our Edens Zero re-watch, because allergies had led to clogged ears, and there's not much point of watching something for your favorite voice actor if you can't hear very well. The allergies have not entirely subsided, but the desire to watch Edens Zero intensified (due in large part to the inevitability that very soon we will have little desire to watch anything that isn't Miraculous), so now we have seen all of Edens Zero (that's available on Netflix; I know there are already at least ten more episodes that have aired in Japan) in Japanese and French.

And the reason I brought that up is that I kind of wanted to talk about Jinn the Ninja. And would you believe that it's not until this very moment that I realized the similarities between the name Jinn and the word ninja? It's almost an anagram! Now I'm extra glad we made sure to give it two Ns.

But the thing is...there's kind of a thing. See, around the time Jinn showed up in the manga, there was still some discussion going on about how to represent the attacks. Most of them are actually in English, even in the Japanese manga, but Shiki's, for example, are in Japanese. We had been translating them, because he's the main character and it kind of seemed like a "he uses the readers' language" sort of deal, but then we got instructions to leave them in Japanese, with a margin note, like Natsu's attacks in Fairy Tail. We weren't big fans of the idea, but at the time, we went with it, and it was okay, because! around that time, most of the attacks were from Jinn, and he's a ninja, and ninja attacks need to stay in Japanese anyway.

So, like we said, there was some discussion, and eventually we got our way it was decided that we would translate Shiki's attacks. We translated Homura's attacks, too, even though she's all Japanese-style. Her attacks just have too many words to leave them in a language that the readers don't necessarily know. Fast forward to more recent chapters with more Jinn, and we're like, he's a ninja, ninjas attack in Japanese, everyone knows this. But then our editor reminds us of the discussions of yesteryear, and says, "We do all the attacks in English. I changed the other ones back in the other chapters, too." So now they're locked in, in English, alas.

It's okay. There are English-speaking ninjas, I'm sure. Like the Ninja Turtles.

But then we watched the anime in French. And guess what. Jinn says "Mecanique Divine Ninja" followed by...wait for it...Reppuzan. I don't know if y'all know any French, and frankly I don't know that much French, but I do know that that is not French. Why? Because I know for a fact that it's Japanese. Because everybody, even (maybe especially?) the French translators, know that ninjas attack in Japanese.

So for the first time ever, we checked the English subtitles. The good news is, they're true to the manga! And somebody translated Reppuzan into a pretty cool-sounding attack, let me tell you what. Hopefully the subtitles are true to the manga everywhere else, too! (We're still too nervous to find out.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Edens Zero twice, finally getting a decent snap of Gyarados (still only silver star rating, boo), getting to translate another chapter of Edens Zero, caramel sauce, and two days to more Miraculous!
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