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Whew, it was like a million degrees outside today. And of course, by a million, I mean ninety-five. I know that's nothing for people in places like Fresno and Arizona, but for us it's pretty hot. We don't have central air-conditioning, either, it's rough. I think that's probably why I've been so prone to exhaustion and headaches--just like in the video games, heat drains your life force.

Fortunately for us, we had the foresight to do our grocery shopping yesterday (foresight and a need that could have waited for today, but had the potential of not waiting for today), so we were able to take it easy and play video games all day. We also listened to a podcasty thing with the Bancroft brothers and Chris Sanders, so we got to hear some neat stuff about the guy who created Stitch. There was a story about how he wanted to let the higher-ups at Disney know they should be more willing to try originality instead of rehashing the same thing over and over, but he figured they wouldn't pay attention, so he did it in the form of a picture book to get their attention...and he's pretty sure they didn't get it. Of course, these days, Disney doesn't need to be inventive--they just wait for some other inventive thing to come along, and do their own version of it. (This minor rant brought to you by our recent discovery of the premise to Encanto: it's Disney does My Hero Academia.)

Anyway, the weather's supposed to cool down for a little bit, which is great. The forecast says it's going to heat up again, which is less great. But this week should be a fairly laid-back one. At any rate, we're taking Wednesday off, period.

Today I'm thankful for getting to sleep in, getting to stay inside, getting to play lots of video games, the reversible plushie sitting on our desk, and ice cream waffle sundaes.
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