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Back to the routine

Life has settled back into its normal routine, which means there's not a lot to talk about. We did get some time to play the Legend of Zelda today, so that was nice. There are definitely some interesting tools in Skyward Sword (today we found the Gust Bellows...and you know, now that I think of it, it's possible there was something like that in an earlier Zelda game, but frankly, I don't remember anything after Ocarina of Time).

So...I guess that's it. Today I'm thankful for making good progress on work, getting to play the Legend of Zelda, getting to play a little bit of Splatoon with the nephews, getting to see our neighbor's puppy (not an actual puppy, a grown dog, but all dogs are puppies), and being on track to take the day off on Wednesday. Oh yeah! That's a big thing we haven't mentioned yet. Season four of Miraculous (or at least part of it) hits Disney+YourSoul this Wednesday! Eeeeeeeeeee!!
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