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Heroes in a half-shell!

Today we got a letter from blackhope! (I link to his LiveJournal, but there aren't any updates on it, since he left for his mission last June. It's got some of his writing on it, and you may be able to get an idea of what his writing is like based on his username--dark but surprisingly optimistic.) It was crazy nostalgic, because he opened the letter with "Dear Michelangelo & Leonardo," which is something that goes back to like second grade. You know, when the first Ninja Turtles cartoon was on. The two of us, Jonathan (blackhope), and Celeste (celestieall) each took a turtle. He was Donatello and Celeste got Raphael by default. We used to spend hours playing the Ninja Turtles Nintendo game. It was awesome.

Oh! And it was in the cutest envelope!! It had a picture of a kid about to eat a piece of cake, and it says, "I'm Very Hungry" as the heading, and as the caption is says, "I'm very hungry... It is because I went to the park together with the friend." And there are a bunch of little cartoon cats saying "WAI WAI." You guessed it--he's in Japan. And since I've mentioned it before, then maybe some of you didn't have to guess because you remembered. Maybe we'll scan the envelope. It's too cute! But we're also too lazy, so we'll see.

It was interesting timing, when we received the letter, because last night we hit one of our, "Nobody really cares about us," phases, which is a little silly, because we have birthday plans and everything. Sometimes we just see stuff going on and feel left out, whether for a good reason or not. We had talked ourselves out of it, but it was nice to get a letter from someone saying he wants us to be happy, and that he looks forward to when we can go on our crazy adventures again. It's nice to know that people think of us, even when we're out of sight.

And now I'm realizing that it's kind of sad that this is when Advent Children is finally coming out. He still has over a year left on his mission, and he's the one that got us into Final Fantasy VII. In fact, his obsession with FF7 is why we got a Playstation to begin with. I'll leave the story of how we finally got a Playstation out of this, mostly because I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on LiveJournal already. If I haven't and you're curious, feel free to ask; it's a pretty fun story, and good example of Jon's evil genius.

Speaking of Advent Children, we still haven't picked up our copy. We called Mom this morning and asked for a ride, and she said she could do it later. That's fine, since we're not in as much of a rush to see it as we were to get KH2, mostly because we like Kingdom Hearts better, but also because everyone we know has already seen it, so we're already behind. Waiting a few more hours isn't going to change any of that. And then we shall watch it, and be the second and third to last people still in the country to see it. And I'm sure it will be awesome.

Today I'm thankful for getting a letter from our favorite cousin today, being able to eat chocolate-covered pretzels, being able to watch Advent Children (hopefully today or tomorrow), having birthday plans, and fun shades of green.
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