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Edens Zero!

I wanted to talk about Edens Zero because I love it so much. The anime is great; I love everything about it. We listened to the soundtrack three times today! (Because we were working on UQ Holder!, and oh my heck, was it wordy this month! which means it was time-consuming and took three whole EZ-soundtrack-lengths to finish.) I think I already said somewhere that we love the music and it's like a mix of Kingdom Hearts, Disneyland, and Star Wars, which of course is perfect for Edens Zero. The colors in the anime are all amazing, too--they're so vibrant and pretty. Even when they're in dirty, grungy run-down warehouses, the colors are still bright...and I think they still retain the proper atmosphere for the setting, but maybe someone who's not as attached to bright colors as I am would disagree.

So far we have not watched anything that involves English translation. We watched it in Japanese with Japanese captions (helpful in case we can't catch what they said; listening comprehension is harder than reading comprehension). That was a good idea, because as it was, we'd hear/read the Japanese and be like, "I don't remember how we dealt with that! What if we dealt with it wrong? What if it's awful!?" So reading English subtitles would have that in addition to "oh man, that was good, why didn't we think of that?" (which, for all we know, we did), as well as, "What are they even thinking, translating it like that!?"

For an example of how we have an unhealthy relationship with other people's translations, I criticized no fewer than two episode title translations (whatever subtitles we choose, when we pause it, it gives us the English episode title), only to find out that they used all the same titles as the manga chapters, in both Japanese and English. Which means the titles I criticized were our own translations. For example, the second episode is entitled "少女と青猫", which was translated to "A Girl and Her Blue Cat." I saw it and immediately thought, "It should be 'The Girl and the Blue Cat.'" I think I even came up with some reason for it, which I can no longer remember. But we checked and discovered that "A Girl and Her Blue Cat" is exactly how we translated it three years ago. I feel like I probably only wanted it to be different because I was being contrary, and that's not good. It's also how I'm pretty sure that if we were to watch Edens Zero with English subtitles, I would hate the subtitles even if they copied the manga script word-for-word.

But! admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it!

...Nevertheless, now that we're watching it with French audio, we're still using Japanese captions. I just don't think I'm ready to confront my issues. And besides, it's a fun linguistic exercise!

(I do want to point out that we did not translate the first chapter title, though, because I just really want to use "dance" instead of "flutter.")

Today I'm thankful for managing to finish that chapter of UQ Holder! (there are so many chapters of that series that have us going, "That was a really good chapter...but I hate it" (in its defense, when they had a fancy diagram, this time it was already all in English; we're choosing to believe it was out of mercy for the international translation teams, and not because they didn't trust us to get it right)), getting to watch more Edens Zero, having enough money to buy a few groceries, having a surprise meteor shower on our island in Animal Crossing, and getting to listen to the Edens Zero soundtrack three times.
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