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We're back! I don't think I ever explained why we left, only that we were going to. Mom had recently spent several weeks away from home and it killed her to leave her cats alone for so long, but then she had to leave for another couple of weeks. So she asked us if we could go to her house to make sure her cats had someone to take care of them and to give them love. We were in the middle of our big time-consuming anime project, so we said sure but only if you can postpone your trip for a week, so they did, and then all the pest control stuff happened and it was stressful and everything, but then we left and we still had to do our job and stuff, but after one night at our sister's house with her kids, we were left alone to live in Mom's cave for a good long while.

So that was nice, but the still having to work part, and the not being in our own space part, meant we weren't really able to recover from all the stress leading up to the trip. It didn't get any worse, but it also didn't really get any better. We did get to watch a Sailor Moon musical and the first twelve episodes of Edens Zero, though, and we played a good amount of Skyward Sword.

There was also an unusual amount of illness going around, but people got tested and it wasn't covid. Nevertheless, we didn't want to cause a super-spreader event by taking the train after hanging out around so many sick people, so Steve very kindly drove us all the way home. And now here we are, and we've spent an afternoon chilling out and we've also now seen two episodes of Edens Zero in French. Because, that's right, the international credits confirmed our suspicions that our favorite French voice actor is dubbing Shiki. And oh my goodness, he does such a good job.

But we still have work to do (it wouldn't have been a bad idea to get started on our latest monthly simulpub chapter, but we noped out of that for today), so we better get to bed. Today I'm thankful for getting to go up north for a change of scenery, getting to see our family, Steve being willing to drive us home, getting to watch Edens Zero (it's so good!!!!), and getting to try Whozeewhatzit bars.
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