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Uncertain plans

Our manager finally got back to us today about our request to reschedule and kindly offered two dates...that we'll still be gone during. She seemed agreeable, though, so we made a suggestion that we try out the ultrasonic bug-annoyer thingies. While we waited for her to get back to us, we did some more cleaning, and the place is really starting to shape up nicely...but we're still not really prepared to empty all our cupboards and closets. Heck, we're still trying to put stuff away that's not in the cupboards and closets, and without cupboards and closets, where in the world are we supposed to put them?

So we...just...stopped. And we did some prep work because we've been asked to take over a series from volume two, and we're going to need to finish that volume two while we're away, so we read volume one. And that somehow made everything seem a lot less real.

The manager never did get back to us (we're guessing she only checks her email once a day or something), so we decided we might as well go ahead with our attempted non-poisonous bug control plan. We got our friends to take us to Home Depot to see if we could get some of those ultrasonic thingies, but Home Depot didn't have any. There was a Walmart near enough, so we checked there and no luck. Then I tried calling two different Lowe's, and the first one didn't have any and the second one never picked up. So we ordered from the big river company and we should be getting our bug repellers tomorrow. If we're lucky, they'll come in time for us to start our trip, but it's looking like it's getting postponed another day.

On the bright side(?), there's a good chance we'll be home when the pest control people knock on the door (I'm not convinced our appointment has been changed), so we can talk to them directly instead of going through our apartment manager.

Today I'm thankful for the work we did get done, getting to work on another cute new series, our friends being willing to drive us around, getting to watch some more Beastars, and having ice cream to eat.
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