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Today did not turn out so well. We actually have no idea how close we are to accomplishing all the things on the pest control prep list, but we both had a few minor breakdowns throughout the day. I think running on fumes all week two weeks ago and running on empty all week last week were probably not conducive to pushing ourselves into deep cleaning today.

That's not to say that we didn't make any progress, though! In fact, I think we made a good amount of progress (again, can't be too sure; the metrics are so abstract), but then we got to the part where we're like, "Okay, we just need to empty these cupboards and put the stuff...well, not in a cupboard, that's for sure." Or on a counter. The only options are table, chair, and floor. I guess the floor is pretty big, but...

Anyway. The manager should be back in town tomorrow, and ideally she'll finally respond to our email. If not, we'll call her, because even if we do agree to go through with this, we're going to need some more specifics. What we're really hoping is that we can offer an alternative plan. On Sunday, we ran into our ward's Relief Society president and she asked how we were doing, so we told her about aaaaaallll the stress we've been dealing with, and she immediately picked up on the pest control thing and told us about the ultrasonic devices you can plug into the wall to keep pests away. So we're hoping we can tell our manager that we're actually super uncomfortable with strangers coming into our home to dispense poison while we're out of town, so can we please use these instead we'll buy them with our own money? Pray for us that this plan works.

We should still finish the cleaning job, of course, but it will be nice to do it when we're not under so much pressure.

Today I'm thankful for having a somewhat cleaner apartment, having Beastars to watch when we could not clean anymore, helpful suggestions from the Relief Society president, having Haagen Dazs ice cream to eat, and being calm enough now that we have our appetites back.
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