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A little recharging

We're feeling much better today, due in large part to the fact that we are now finally finished with that big project. (Mostly. We'll probably end up having to translate a couple of songs still.) And we finally got to spend a whole evening playing Pokemon Snap, for the first time since...well, last week, actually. But that was a whole week ago!

Seriously, though, after all that work we're definitely going to require some recharging. It's kind of weird, because when we spend all our waking hours translating, it does sometimes feel like I've just run out of words. Like, when I'm back to "normal" life and I'm trying to convey thoughts, I have a harder time coming up with the words I need. The brain is a funny thing.

There were also some tender mercies at the grocery store. Freschetta pizza happened to be on sale, and so did Haagen Dazs ice cream! We hadn't been feeding ourselves properly over the last week (and probably the week before that), so it will definitely be nice to get some extra calories. Maybe they'll help us get our word reservoirs filled up again.

Today I'm thankful for finishing the big project (mostly), some of our favorite things being on sale, getting to play plenty of Pokemon Snap, the big project introducing us to a great new (to us) song, and the day of rest.
Tags: busyness, life, tender mercies

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