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Normally I think we'd just go to bed because it's so late, but it's been a rarful day and I want to rant. It's 10:23 and we just finished our work quota. The project is almost done, but we can't relax yet, because we still have a couple hours of proofreading tomorrow (although, granted, it's very few hours compared to the rest of the time we've put in). There might be a couple of minor translations that need to be added later, as well. And all of that would actually be quite a relief as things wind down, but.

This morning we heard our gate open, which was surprising because we weren't expecting any packages. Then we heard somebody messing with the door, which was alarming because they didn't knock. So we rushed over to the front door and discovered a notice shoved into the doorframe. Our apartment managers have decided it's time to do some pest control (cockroaches are not uncommon in southern California), and we have five days to get our apartment ready for the procedure. This was hugely problematic, because, as previously described, we had a very full day of work today, we're still going to have to finish it up tomorrow, and then the plan was to take Sunday off (as usual) to recover before leaving to go up north to cat-sit for our mother.

In other words, we have zero time to accomplish any of the tasks on the prep list, including a fairly deep clean of our kitchen, before our apartment managers fill our building with poison. (Much as I don't like bugs, I'm actually even less thrilled about the concept of fumigation. Spiders are a natural pest control, okay!)

So we called the management and said, um, hey, our work schedule is pretty full up, and we're going out of town on Monday, so could we, like, not do this? And they were like, "Yes, we knew people would be busy, that's why we gave them so much time." And we were like, "#$@*^%#%&!!!!" Still, the manager on the phone was friendly enough. Unfortunately, she's not really the one in charge. The one in charge, of course, is conveniently out of town herself until Tuesday. But, we were told, if we email her, she might read it! Goodie.

We sent an email, and called Mom to panic for a little while, and then resigned ourselves to postponing our trip and spending a couple of days cleaning. Frankly, we'd been wanting to give the apartment a good cleaning for a while...just not enough to spend what little energy we have doing it after work. So this is actually a pretty good opportunity. But I'm still more than a little concerned about poison residue being left all over our stuff. The not-in-charge manager assured us that it should be perfectly harmless to humans and pets after a mere four hours, but I'm still leery. I'm not really sure what we can do about it, though, except cover as much as we can.

Oh yeah, and we need to vacuum. Obviously that wouldn't normally be a problem, but our vacuum vacuumed up a thing that is now extremely jammed, and of course we haven't had time to fix it. We haven't had time for anything. But I guess we'll get it fixed now. Or borrow a vacuum from someone at church.

Anyway. The bright side is that now we've gotten most of the hard part of this huge project finished. We're just taking it one day at a time.

Today I'm thankful for being done with the hard part of that project, having friends at church who are able and willing to help us, Mom also being eager to help, having flexible travel plans, and the weather today being less hot than yesterday.
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