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A quick Minecraft break

Today we had not one but two nephews ask us to play Minecraft with them! Of course we can never say no to that, so we agreed despite our work schedule (we may end up just pulling an all-nighter on Friday, but I really hope it doesn't come to that (we do technically still have Saturday, after all)). Fortunately for us (but not for Gilderoy, alas), Gilderoy hasn't gotten his Minecraft set up for online play yet, and his dad was away at work so they didn't have anybody to help him change that.

Grawp was a different story. We could say no to him even less because today is his birthday! Happy birthday, Grawp! And it was really sweet of him to call us so we could hang out together on his birthday. He had a party with his friends on Monday. We understand it was Minecraft-themed, and his mother made him a cake that looked exactly like the one you can make in Minecraft. ...I have extremely mixed feelings about that. But I'm glad he had a good birthday, and good birthday party.

I guess the biggest thing worth mentioning is that Grawp repaired Athena's house after he burned it down in the last session. This time he made it with some kind of material (we think it was Netherstone bricks?) that doesn't burn. No more Minecraft housefires for us! ...Until the next world. We've stuck with this one for a surprisingly long time.

His Switch time ran out, and we went back to work. We also had to translate a chapter of Edens Zero today. You guys. Everybody was supposed to be taking this week off for Obon. Our editor told us we would have this week off for Obon. But Mashima-sensei surprised us all by turning in a chapter anyway! Technically we have more time to work on it, but since we've got this other project, we actually don't. So we decided to make sure to get it done and have one less thing to think about. And what with that and our long phonecall to Mother yesterday, we're a teensy bit behind schedule. We can still probably finish on Friday, except for the final readthroughs. We just won't finish as early in the day as we'd hoped. Ah well. We should be able to take it easier after that.

Today I'm thankful for the nephews and nieces remembering us, Rosetta showing us her family's lovely cat, not being completely behind schedule, getting to listen to our Edens Zero soundtrack again (I love the music so much!), and the idea of this project being over fairly soon.
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