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As it turns out, the reason Sarah wasn't helping Mom keep score at Scott's baseball game was that she couldn't come up with anything she wanted as a bribe, so instead of thinking us evil for demanding a bribe, Mom was just glad we were decisive enough to come up with one right away. Our theory is that Sarah is too privileged. She gets anything she wants when she asks for it anyway, so when the opportunity arises for her to ask for something out of the blue, she has nothing. We, on the other hand, having been unable to splurge for several months now, have a very long list of potential bribes, the priority of each item changing depending on perceived availability. And thus, we have Lady and the Tramp.

Today while translating I came up with the evil idea that if Mom wanted to teach Sarah that there are good consequences for helping people and bad consequences for not helping people, she could have decided that we were going to Disneyland this weekend after all, thus rewarding the Twins and punishing Sarah at the same time. On the one hand, that seems incredibly evil, but on the other, Sarah would get to go to Disneyland. But it's too late for that anyway, and we already made plans with our anime buddy and a couple of other girls to see The Wild on Saturday. We know it looks just like Madagascar, but the previews were funnier and it's Disney, so we have an obligation. And, thanks to our Japanese penpal getting us into 24, I can't resist the idea of Kiefer Sutherland being a Disney character.

We also made plans to have dinner at Mom's place on Sunday, which may not have been the best of ideas, but for a few things. One, we get free food, our choice, because it's our birthday. Two, there might be presents, though it seems a bit doubtful. And three, if Steve is stupid, we still win, because it's our birthday. And we'll have plenty of anime to come home to and calm ourselves down. (By then, there will be four episodes of Host Club!!)

This morning we got a call from GameStop to tell us about Advent Children. The call came at nine o'clock, but it was the time between rings on the alarm clock when we said, "One more time," so I was very much asleep when I answered the phone, but I thought the recording called herself Aeris. It was kind of weird, because from my perception of Aeris, she would never have talked the way that recording was talking (too telemarketer-y, I think). And then it confused me because it said the DVD was scheduled to come in on Tuesday, but it said, "See you tomorrow!" Maybe that's because the store doesn't open until ten. At any rate, we'll probably be going to get it tomorrow instead of today. I wonder if we had reserved Kingdom Hearts II more than the day before it got there if we would have gotten a call from a recording claiming to be Kairi.

Oh! And last night, another of my lifelong dreams was fulfilled, because the Daily Show played a clip from Captain Planet that had Mah-Ti talking. Ever since we found out he was played by Scott Menville (Robin in Teen Titans), we've been wanting to hear him again. And he had an adorable cheesy accent♥!

And today I'm thankful for being able to see Lady and the Tramp again after a bazillion years (though I don't know when that'll be; this translation is taking up all our time); giant chocolate chip muffins; furigana in crazy manga serieses with millions of speech bubbles, sound effects, and asides; hyperbole; and being able to call it a day.
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