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Last minute Singing Time

We had an interesting day at church today. There was foreshadowing, but we didn't quiiiiite see it coming, and I'm going to blame that on the overwork (and some crossed wires as far as communication is concerned). See, last week, the Primary Presidency asked Athena if she was cool with the concept of having a Primary stake choir for the upcoming stake conference. Of course we think it's a great idea, so we were like, "Yeah, sure, go ahead," adding a, "We'd love to help, but there's a very strong possibility we'll be out of town that weekend." And that was the end of that.

...Or so we thought. Fast forward to this week, and we have a stake high councilman speaking in sacrament meeting. There was some other stake business to mention, so he extended a couple of releases and then made the announcement about the Primary stake choir, adding that the children will be expected to practice the songs for it in their regular ward Singing Time. This is the part we should have seen coming but didn't. Basically it means that now, instead of doing what Athena had planned for Singing Time (as the Primary song leader), she had to make sure the kids knew the songs that the stake choir would be singing. Fortunately, the stake high councilman said what they were when he made the announcement, because she did not know what they were until then.

In other words, Athena had the rest of sacrament meeting and the twenty minutes while the children were in class to come up with a Singing Time that would help them with these songs. It's really pretty funny looking back on it, but at the time we were tired from all last week, so there was a considerable amount of fuming. But singing time went well!

There was another pretty funny thing that happened, because the thing about the kids in this Primary is that about half of them seem to think they're too cool to sing Primary songs, but they still like doing the motions that go with some of the songs. To help the kids engage and hopefully remember some lyrics, Athena taught them a bit of sign language for the song "Love One Another," and there was this one little girl. She and her friend had been called up to help lead a song earlier because they were being too cool for school, and Athena was tired and fed up, so she asked them to come up front and told the Primary, "[Girl's name] and [girl's name] are so good at this song that they are just too bored to even sing it. So they're going to show us how it's done," and then they had to help her lead "Once There Was a Snowman."

That may or may not have been why, when it came time to learn this new song, this one little girl was hunched over in her seat, looking like she was done with the world...but with very small motions, still doing the sign language. Aaah, kids are hilarious.

Today I'm thankful for another day of rest (albeit it much busier than last week (but less brain-tired than last week, too)), pulling off a last-minute Singing Time, getting to read some manga, finding some cool old pictures on my phone, and getting to watch a lovely devotional featuring President and Sister Oaks.
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