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We started a new Jules Verne book today (I think the title is The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in South Africa), and it reminded us just how nerdy 19th century explorers can be, like oh my heck. It's kind of a fascinating concept (they're measuring an arc of longitude; like, we have all these coordinates now, but it's wild to think that back then, they were just figuring it all out), but there was a whole chapter on the origin of the meter as a unit of measure, and like...

We decided it was a little too much for our relaxing Sunday, so we changed gears and watched a movie instead. We chose Dragon Quest: Your Story on Netflix, and wow. The visuals were stunning, but the story was good, too! The pacing was strange, and it felt way longer than it was, but it was done in such a way that we weren't too angry about it. And the twist! Oh man, we did not see that coming. And it's not shocking so much in the sense that it came so far out of left field (I mean, it kind of did, but it still works for the story and everything), but in the sense of, "Wow, I can't believe they actually went there."

So the verdict is, we really enjoyed it, but we can't watch the whole thing again because it's just too long...which is a shame, because the international credits told us our favorite French voice actor is, in fact, the main character. (We watched it in the original Japanese, of course.) So we watched a few choice scenes instead, and he was great! ...We could tell the French translation was based mostly off of the English translation and not the original Japanese, and I have mixed feelings about that, but the lines that I felt could have had a good and closer-to-the-original-meaning English translation still at least sounded good, and it didn't hurt the story or the characters to do it that way. So whatever, I guess.

Today I'm thankful for another restful sabbath, getting to watch a neat new (to us) movie, having a pretty great Come Follow Me lesson today, the idea of a children's choir for Stake Conference (even if we might be out of town that week), and having our choice of cookies or juice or both to snack on before bed.
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