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Wistful Painting

Today was mostly just work work work, but we did take time to play some Animal Crossing. The exciting part was when we got a painting in the mail from one of our neighbors. It was the Wistful Painting, of which we have about four counterfeit copies. ...Okay, maybe only two or three, but danged if Redd didn't keep coming back with more fakes of it. I feel like he'd have a copy of the fake version practically every time he came by.

He actually didn't have a copy of it when he came by yesterday, so we bought something else instead, and that turned out to be real, which was great. I guess Redd being in town yesterday inspired our village neighbors to buy art or something, because, as previously mentioned, Iggly sent us the Wistful Painting in the mail. And it was real this time! Tadah! ...I tried to make it more climactic, but I just don't have the brain power to figure out how to do that right now.

I will say that Blathers said something about how he didn't think he'd ever see a real one in his lifetime, and we were like, "Bro. Same."

Today I'm thankful for getting our manga translation finished today, finally having a real Wistful Painting, also having a real Amazing Painting, the cheering powers of the Edens Zero trailer, and having plans to sleep in tomorrow.
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