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Not exactly non-productive

I feel like we've been such slackers today, when really we haven't. We went grocery shopping today and reaffirmed that WinCo is very awesome. We're still not sure if our purchase was really less than a hundred dollars, so we're a little concerned that we'll get a call in a few days saying we owe them more money. That's what we get for not paying more attention when we shop. But in the meantime, we're happy to have spent so little money. And we got a ton of yummy food for our birthday! This is very exciting.

When we got home, there was a note on our door from UPS. So we went to the office and picked up the package, and not only was it more +ANIMA to translate, but we got a copy of the English version of +ANIMA 1! The cover is all fancy, too. We wanted it so we could show it to everyone, because it's our favorite series. My one concern about it is that it's about ten- and eleven-year-olds who act like ten- and eleven-year-olds, so it might be kind of kiddy. But it's so much fun! At least read the first chapter! Oh, but it doesn't come out for another couple of weeks. We will definitely be mentioning it again. Especially if the English version is good (we haven't gone through it yet).

And we were reminded that Senri's birthday is on Sunday, too! Yay! I'm sad we don't have any Senri-esque plush animals or anything to represent him for his birthday. Most of our plush toys are feline, except for Sora and Riku. But we need a bear.

You may have noticed that I'm not saying "stuffed animal," and this gives me a perfect opportunity to mention one of the fun things you learn while training to work at Disneyland! Since I was training to work in stores, one of the things they had to tell everyone was that you always call the plush toys "plush toys." They are not stuffed animals. And, they said, you think it's a joke, until one day you accidentally say "stuffed Mickey Mouse," and a kid really bursts into tears because somebody stuffed Mickey. ...well, I was amused.

And speaking of work, none of it will be getting done today, because Mom needs someone to help her keep score at Scott's baseball game. This is how you know we're too nice. We got roped into spending two hours at a sporting event, when we absolutely hate sports. Though I do feel a little like a bad person, since I pointed out that we really despise sports, so we might need a little incentive. So hopefully BestBuy hasn't sold all their copies of Lady and the Tramp, which went back into the Vault last Monday. So I guess we're not too nice, after all.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go grocery shopping today, happy +ANIMA packages, chocolate-covered pretzels, help with scary e-mails, and incentive programs. I'm so terrible.
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