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Time for battle

Today we worked all day, except for about an hour when Grawp called (and a half-hour Animal Crossing break). The Grawp call ended up going a little long, because towards the end of the Minecraft session, Athena remembered that she was thinking of hosting a friendly tournament and wanted to ask Grawp if he would be interested in such a thing. And she had to ask now while she remembered, even though our current workload won't let it happen for a couple weeks at least.

Anyway, the point is, he heard Pokemon and immediately thought, "We could have Pokemon battle!" Well, of course Athena's not going to say no to that. Especially because he was all, "But you're probably gonna lose." So they had a battle, and he brought almost all legendaries, and she brought zero legendaries and she beat him. It's kind of a tough thing, because on the one hand, when he's conceited like that, you wanna lay the smackdown, but then you feel bad for beating a kid and crushing his dreams. He did come pretty close to beating her, though. If he had just used Behemoth Blade on her Clefable, he would have knocked her out instead of having only Eternatus left when Clefable beat Zacian. (Eternatus is dragon type, Clefable is fairy type, and dragon type moves have no effect on fairies.)

Well, I guess we'll see how that affects our future gaming sometimes in the future. We need to get to we can get back to work.

Today I'm thankful for meeting our work quota, getting to listen to the amazing Edens Zero soundtrack again, getting to have a Pokemon battle with Grawp, the cool weather we enjoyed today, and cookies.
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