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Blessed day of rest

I always learn to appreciate the sabbath more during times of work crunch. Today was gloriously laid-back. In addition to the usual church and scripture study, we finished reading A Floating City as part of our continued study of Jules Verne. It was much shorter than the other novels we've read so far (which sort of makes me wonder if the version we have is abridged, but since it's in a collection with books that are in French if no translation is available, I think proooobably not?), and resolved one of the major conflicts in a way that was surprising even though it had been foreshadowed from a mile away.

I think we're feeling refreshed enough to feel good about work this week, but it doesn't matter because we have to do the work anyway! Still, I'm excited to get at it and put a bigger dent in the load. And we have another chapter of Edens Zero coming up, too, which means we get to listen to our Edens Zero soundtrack again! There's plenty to look forward to!

Today I'm thankful once again for the day of rest, getting to read another fun story by Jules Verne, Primary going fairly well, having transportation to and from church while our regular ride is on vacation, and getting to eat croissant chips.
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