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More than we can chew?

Well, we finally got started on the work part of the project we were doing all the research for...and it turns out it's way more time-consuming than we bargained on. We're going to hope that it's just because there were some formatting things we had to deal with and other such delays, and that when we really get going, we'll pick up speed. Because if we don't...I feel like not only will we lose all our free time, but we may need to give up on some sleep. Pray for us.

Today I'm thankful for at least getting all the formatting stuff figure out, getting to try out Pokemon Unite (it was almost an hour before bedtime and we were like, "Forget it, we need to rest."), the cool breeze coming in through the window, all the fancy Pokemon-inspired outfits in Pokemon Unite (they may be our main motivator for playing if the kids turn out not to like it), and the knowledge that this project won't last forever.
Tags: pokemon, work

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