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Grawp blew us off this morning. The phone rang at about ten-thirty, and the sweet voice of Hagger said, "You wanna play Minecraft?" Of course there's no saying no to that, so we took a break from Edens Zero and turned on the Switch. Athena and Hagger played Bed Wars for about an hour, and most of the time Grawp just watched and offered unsolicited advice to Hagger, but towards the end he started bugging his mom about, "Is his time up yet?" Clearly, Grawp's turn was next.

Eventually time did run out for Hagger, and we got ready to play in a different Minecraft world...but Grawp said no, he was going to play Pokemon because Uncle [Cousin Gilderoy's dad] was going to trade him a shiny Charizard. Well. La dee da.

Fine. We had work to do anyway. But mostly Athena thinking that if everyone's playing Pokemon again, it's time to host a friendly tournament.

As for work, it was extra exciting today, because for the first time, we translated Edens Zero while listening to the Edens Zero anime soundtrack! And you guys, it's so pretty! The music sometimes reminds us of DisneySea and sometimes reminds us of Star Wars and sometimes reminds us of Kingdom Hearts. There are a few elements of Edens Zero that remind us of Kingdom Hearts, too, and considering what a huge video game fan Mashima-sensei is, we don't think that's a coincidence. (It's also worth noting that we read some of Rave Master when we were translating Mashima Hero's, and there was a location that was a lot like the Keyblade Graveyard, only with swords. Rave Master came long before the Keyblade Graveyard, though.)

Anyway, now I'm even more excited for the anime--just five and a half weeks now!

And in other exciting news, not only did we catch the last fish in Animal Crossing to fill up our Critterpedia, but Celeste visited tonight and gave us a rocket recipe, so we finally, finally, finally have a giant robot guarding our airport! Huzzah!

Today I'm thankful for getting to listen to our Edens Zero soundtrack, finding out we have a little less research to do on this big project than we thought, making it through today's research quota, filling up our Animal Crossing Critterpedia, and having a giant robot on our island (it shoots lasers from its eyes!).
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