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Dah, da-dah DAAAH!!

I have finally accomplished my lifelong dream of hearing Donald Duck speak Japanese. Kouichi Yamadera is so good that I wouldn't have known it was a Japanese dub if the rest of the trailer and the ones that went with it hadn't been all in Japanese.

See, it all started when we were checking Mamoru Miyano's weblog because we were bored. He had been listening to the Lion King soundtrack, which was why his most recent entry started out with some very confusing katakana that turned out to be his version of the intro to The Circle of Life. But that reminded us that the Japanese voice of Kairi was in a production of the Lion King (on Broadway, only not because it's in Japan) as young Nala. So we went to look her up.

As it turns out, she's not in a whole lot (though her name is kind of familiar, and I'm really wondering if I've seen it in the credits to Sugar Sugar Rune or something; but now we remember it--it's Risa Uchida--and can check future anime episodes), but we had a list of the entire cast of Kingdom Hearts right there, so we figured we'd do some more poking around. And what we found out is that the Japanese voice of Mickey Mouse has his own website, a great deal of which is dedicated to his dog, Daisy. And his e-mail address was right there, and we're like, "Dude, we can e-mail the Japanese voice of Mickey Mouse." But then we realized that, not only did we have nothing to say, but we'd never heard Mickey Mouse speaking Japanese.

So off we went to the Japanese Disney website to see if we could find clips or something. It wasn't easy. You'd think a trailer for something called "Tokyo Disneyland 15th Anniversary Special, Mickey ga Zenbu Misemasu!" would have Mickey saying something.

But we persisted, and eventually we triumphed!!

In case anyone's interested, there are a ton of trailers to Japanese Disney DVDs here. The tricky thing about it is that a lot of the trailers just have clips from the original American release, so it's hard to find something where they're speaking Japanese. "Donald, The Greatest Hits" and "Minnie, The Greatest Hits" were the most helpful. And now we've heard all of the Fab Five except for Pluto, who doesn't really talk anyway. We also found a trailer for a Chip and Dale thing, and if they weren't obviously speaking Japanese, we wouldn't have known it was dubbed. The reason we weren't sure about Donald was that Donald is pretty unintelligible in any language. Minnie was especially interesting to hear, because we've heard her in anime stuff (she's Tot in Weiss Kreuz and Mihoshi in the Tenchi stuff. She's also in Saber Marionettes, but I think she uses a much lower voice).

Actually, the Japanese dub voice of Donald is in about a million things, including Cowboy Bebop (Spike Spiegel) and Ranma 1/2 (Ryoga). He's also in a ton of Disney movies, including Aladdin (Genie), Mulan (Mushu), Beauty and the Beast (Beast), and The Little Mermaid (Sebastian).

And while we're on the subject of Disney trivia, I know I've told about a million people, but I think it's the cutest thing in the world that the current voices of Mickey and Minnie are married in real life.

And that's it for our little mini Disney adventure. Except to say that Toru Ohkawa (Roy Mustang in FMA) is the Japanese dub voice of Alameda Slim in Home on the Range, and there was no singing voice listed so we think he may have done his own yodeling. Either that, or they didn't dub the yodeling, which is also possible.

Today I'm thankful for fulfilling one of my lifelong dreams, not being quite so confused about Sunday School lessons anymore, ceilings, closets, and my toes.
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