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Whew, today was exhausting, and oddly I don't think it was because we walked to Downtown Disney...although I'm sure that didn't help. Mostly I think it's because of the work prep we did when we got home.

As for Downtown Disney, though. Cecille and a couple of her friends came down to Disneyland for the weekend (not knowing that Disneyland's birthday is tomorrow; happy coincidence for them), so we went to Downtown Disney to say hi, since our passes can't get us into the park anymore (and they probably wouldn't have gotten us in today anyway, since it's the middle of July, and Disneyland's birthday weekend). This time we were determined to get there early enough for some egg & cheddar breakfast sandwiches from Earl of Sandwich...which is why we ended up ditching our nephews.

Grawp called us this morning at about eight forty-five, and frankly, we don't want people to think we're functional before nine in the morning, but you know we can never say no to our nephews. We were actually about two minutes from leaving our apartment when Athena's phone started ringing. And apparently today was a day when there was no limit on his Switch time. Still, we gave him the usual hour of Minecraft, during which he experimented with some of his booby traps on Athena. That gave us a little more motivation to say, "You know what, we have to go meet our friends..." But in Grawp's defense, we're pretty sure he would have tried the traps on himself if he could have.

We did feel bad leaving him, though. We didn't have any specific time to meet up with Cecille; we just wanted to get there before Earl of Sandwich stopped serving breakfast, so it was more for us than for our friend that we left... Sigh.

Anyway. We went to Downtown Disney, got our breakfast sandwiches (they were delicious), and let Cecille know we were in the area. She and her friends were waiting to go on Rise of the Resistance, so we wandered around and ordered some glazed beignets from Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen. It's a new thing they started doing thanks to the covid, and apparently it's seasonal, which I kind of hope means the flavors change with the seasons, but I also kind of hope it means they go away, because I have a love-hate relationship with beignets. We've determined fairly definitively that tasty as fried pastries are, our tummies don't like them very much.

But anyway. This time, the flavor was a lemon-blueberry glaze with a liberal sprinkling of Fruity Pebbles. It was kind of fun to watch, after they took our order, one of the guys in the back had two big bins full of beignets, and he took four of them and dumped them in a vat of glaze. The whole thing was so messy, they gave us forks to eat them with...and I still got a bunch of glaze on my Miraculous shirt. They were pretty tasty, and we were surprised that they weren't overpoweringly sweet. The bread from the beignets balanced the glaze really well.

Then we met up with Cecille and her friends, who were lovely. We browsed the World of Disney store and discovered there's a new pin set of the pantheon of Greek Gods (Hercules versions). Naturally we need the Athena from the set, so we bought a box (with two pins), Cecille bought a box (and gave it to us...but we ended up giving one back because she has another friend who's a big Hades fan), and each of Cecille's two friends bought a box. Nobody got Athena, but Athena and I got Hephaestus, the favorite of one of Cecille's friends, so we traded him for Poseidon. We also got Hades (as mentioned), Ares, and Hermes.

After that, Cecille's friend bought macarons for everyone, and then we didn't want to keep them from the parks for too long, so we said goodbye and made our way back home. And then we got back to work.

Today I'm thankful for getting to meet up with Cecille and her lovely friends, Grawp calling before we left (so we didn't end up ghosting him), making it to Downtown Disney in time to get some egg & cheddar sandwiches, getting to try some glazed beignets, and having plenty of time to catch up on work afterward.
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