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A day

Oh man, today has been a lot. Mostly a lot of prep work for the project I mentioned yesterday, but also a lot of Pokemon battles. This time the tournament only allows water-type Pokemon (they can be two-type Pokemon, but one of those types has to be water), so it's making for some more interesting strategy and stuff, which is neat. And we started out so well! Athena won her first four battles! ...Then lost eight, won one, and lost two. Oh well, one in three isn't the worst. It did get a little tiresome facing off with Lanturn vs. Lanturn all the time...

Anyway, my modifier for the day is "ferociously sleepy," so I'm just gonna wrap this up so we can go to bed.

Today I'm thankful for winning five Pokemon battles, making progress in our work prep, being invited to a friend's place for dinner on Sunday, having plans to hang out with other friends tomorrow, and having some root beer creamsicles to eat right now.
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