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This morning Grawp called so we could play...Pokemon! It's a miracle! We have no idea if it will last, but for today, we got to play Pokemon with the nephew again. We caught a Steelix from a Dynamax den and then did some trading before he had to leave. The family had plans to go to the zoo with our stepsister who was visiting (their area) from out of town.

Athena mentioned her shiny Magikarp, and he was like, "You have a shiny Magikarp!? And you didn't tell me!?" and she was all, "You were there when I caught it." It's true, he was (over the phone). But it was over a year ago, so we can't really expect him to remember.

The important thing is that he reminded us that he's a big fan of Magikarp, so we're totally thinking of getting him a Magikarp hat for his birthday. And then I thought if we get him something for his birthday, we have to get the other kids stuff for their birthdays, so I ended up shopping around the official Nintendo online store, and dang they have some cool stuff. They have an Octorok plushie! (That's one we want for ourselves.)

In other news, a kid from a school Steve substitutes at is interested in getting into translation, so she contacted us for an interview. We talked for about half an hour before I was like, "Wait, just to confirm, why are you interested in J-E translation?" Fortunately, yes, she is in it for the anime and manga. We mostly just told her the usual--you learn Japanese by being obsessed and practicing all the time, and good luck. ...I mean, I hope we didn't make it sound that ominous, but that's basically what it boils down to. And success in any field really just comes from hard work and dedication. It's still true in the manga industry. ...Can't really speak for financial success, per se, though...

Today I'm thankful for getting to play Pokemon with Grawp, finally having enough Cancer fragments to make a Cancer table in Animal Crossing, finishing our edit today (especially nice because we just started it today), root beer float creamsicle thingies, and cats that can get along.
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