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How to Train Your Minecraft

I guess now that Hermie has gotten over her temporary Minecraft phase, Grawp has decided it's safe to call us again. (Meaning, if Hermie is too interested in Minecraft, there's a very real risk that she'll wreak havoc in her brothers' Minecraft worlds.)

This time, we tried again with the How to Train Your Dragon mod, and we finally got it to work with multiplayer! Tadah! We're glad, because we actually paid money to get that mod, and frankly we're not going to play it by ourselves. (It wasn't a lot of money, at least.)

This particular mod actually gives you lots of quests to complete, and it's prettier than the general Minecraft, so it would be pretty great if it weren't so darn glitchy. The whole thing just made us think, "Hey, if the kid likes wandering around fantasy-style worlds, we need to introduce him to the Legend of Zelda." And we happened to order a physical copy of the Skyward Sword remaster, so we can take it with us next time we go to visit, and he can start a game on his own Switch account. Then, if he likes it, Grandma can buy him his own copy. And then we can all enjoy the Legend of Zelda together...and maybe play a little less Minecraft.

Today I'm thankful for finding the sleep powder scene in Pokemon Snap, getting to check out the How to Train Your Dragon mod with Grawp, getting to watch the Miraculous Shanghai special again, having our Edens Zero soundtrack already, and finishing our work quota today.
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