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Last night we did go over to our anime buddy's place for pizza. Her brother was, not surprisingly, playing Kingdom Hearts when we got there. He had just finished up with the first set of worlds and was heading back to Traverse Town. I was pretty excited, because that's one of my favoritest parts, but he turned it off so we could watch a movie. We told him he didn't have to stop, and he made a vague comment, and I said, "But you're right at the part where--!" so of course that led him to say that he was turning it off just to torture us. Joke's on him; we already saw that part. And he turned the movie off moments into the credits so he could turn Kingdom Hearts back on.

The movie we watched was Mirrormask. I'm sure I would have hated it when I was little--too surreal. Though I didn't mind the Neverending Story, so maybe it would have been like that. I liked it a lot, though I kind of wish there was more time to develop everything that happened. That seems to be my problem with a lot of movies. And I really think that Helena may not have minded being in the circus so much if they had given her a better costume.

It was weird watching Kingdom Hearts after being so absorbed in KH2. Sora seemed so little! Except for his enormous feet, which he really seems to have grown into in KH2. And his voice was so high! It was hard watching this guy play, though. He doesn't seem used to this kind of game, and he ended up wandering around in circles a lot. I think that Kingdom Hearts created a vicious cycle, in that playing KH2 sometimes makes you want to play KH1 and vice versa. It just goes to show how totally awesome both games are.

Our anime buddy, who's a little farther along in the game than her brother, shook her fist at Riku when he showed up. I understand that she would do that, but I'm so in love with that boy. I would defend him to the death against anybody that tries to say mean things about him. But on the other hand, I think he's overhyped. We think it's because so many fans can't like Sora because he's too much of a goody-two-shoes, so to be cool and still like the game, they have to say they like Riku. But that's just our own judgmental theory. Obviously we like Riku, and we have no problems about proclaiming our fandom to the world. I like to think I like Riku because I can totally relate, but it might have something to do with his beautiful eyes and my thing for silver hair. Though back when KH1 had just come out, we would tell people that we probably would have acted like Riku if we had been thrown into the same situation.

On a completely different note, I'm kind of amused that it seems like the way we get assigned a new series is that our boss will flip through a book, see that it's jam-packed with dialogue, and give it to us because we work quickly. We have no proof of this, but so far, the translation of the series we're currently working has more pages than the number of pages we translated. It's a really fun series, though, and I'll totally be telling everyone to buy it as soon as I can. It just feels like nothing happens, because we can translate for an hour and only get through eight to ten pages.

And tonight we have to figure out which lesson we're supposed to read for Sunday school. Well, I guess we don't have to, since it's not required that you read the lesson, but I like reading the lesson. And the one teacher doesn't seem quite trustworthy when she says what supposedly happened in the story and what message that's supposed to have. But see, because of General Conference pr something, she seemed to get it into her head that we needed to skip a lesson. To make matters worse, she only teaches the even-numbered lessons, which means she actually skipped two. Maybe it was just a mistake on her part. At any rate, the other Sunday school teacher was there, so I'm hoping he didn't get it into his head that he needs to skip lessons, too. So if he teaches the lesson after the one she taught, we'd want to read that one, but if he goes according to normal schedule, we have to read that one, and it's all sorts of messed up. But she did effectively get me to stop correcting her in class. Except when she said she imagined Balaam's donkey sounding like Donkey in Shrek and I couldn't suppress the urge to point out that Balaam's donkey was female. Queen Latifah, maybe, but not Eddy Murphy. I wonder if this irresistable urge to correct her comes from her being the same member of choir who told everyone they sounded like two-year-olds. Either that, or that one outburst comes from my annoyance with Shrek and my feeling that people seem to adore it even though it's not all that good. (My apologies to any Shrek fans reading this.)

So now that I've written a long LJ entry to counteract my boredom over not seeing any new entries on our friends list, I'm thankful for having milk and bread, chibi-Sora, three dollars in change, reading the Sunday school lessons, and socks.
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