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We sort of ended up taking the first half of the week off, not entirely intentionally. But we figured it was okay, we could get back to work today! ...The universe had other ideas.

The cutest obstacle was our little niece Hermie, who managed to sneak away from her mother with the Switch and Grawp's phone and call us for another Minecraft session. Fortunately, she was still playing on her own account, so we didn't have to pull up Minecraft ourselves. Less fortunately, we can't exactly do our job while distracted by children. So we gave up and turned on Animal Crossing. It was pretty funny, though, because usually she's fairly talkative towards the beginning, then gets absorbed in whatever she's doing and becomes much quieter, but this time, it was constantly, "I wanted to tell you..." and then she went on and on about something like Super Mario Bros. It made us want to get her a copy of Super Princess Peach, but it's only for DS and I don't think she has one. ...I'm sure Grandma would lend her a DS, though...

There was also a tech support issue that was far more infuriating than it had any right to be. It felt like there was a brick wall between us and the solution, so I was more than ready to call Apple. Their phone number wasn't in the easiest place to find, and when we finally did, I called them, asked their robo-secretary for tech support, then waited about a minute before they told me that they were experiencing an extremely high call volume so couldn't take my call, asked me to try again later, and immediately hung up. This kind of thing makes me rather incredulous that there are so many people who almost seem to worship Apple products.

But anyway. The important thing is we did eventually get a little bit of work done, and also the Miraculous Shanghai special should be hitting Disney+YourSoul at midnight tonight. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Today I'm thankful for getting to hang out with the children, eventually solving our tech problem, the knowledge that the vast majority of real cats are smart enough to stay far away from lava, getting a little bit of work done, and more Miraculous tonight! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
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