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Return to the mines

After being forgotten for nigh on...two weeks? Three? I don't know, a while. We finally got a phone call from Grawp today. On the one hand, we're glad he still likes playing with us. On the other, Minecraft is so good at finding new ways to infuriate us. Maybe it's the recent update, but lately we've been having the hardest time getting the game to tell us we can go play in our friend's world. Finally getting it to work usually involves closing the software and opening it up again several times, with Grawp changing worlds somewhere in the middle.

That part about changing worlds is what's causing the most grief, especially today, when the whole reason he called to begin with is that he just downloaded the How to Train Your Dragon mod, meaning you can play in a How to Train Your Dragon world with How to Train Your Dragon characters, and he wanted to share it because it's so dang cool. We wanted to finish up a course in Pokemon Snap before hopping over to Minecraft, and the whole time, Grawp was telling us all about it, like how it's still pretty glitchy so we'll have to get used to that, but more importantly, there were a lot of comments like, "That's so cool!" when he saw something new (I assume).

We went to a regular world instead, but now Grawp is excited for that, too, because he's breeding all the wolves. ...Saying it that way makes it sound like there's more than one kind of wolf. There's not. But he's breeding a whole house full.

Today I'm thankful for getting to talk to the kiddos, getting some chores and errands done, having more mint chip Haagen Dazs ice cream, getting some good Slaking photos, and learning that Grawp hasn't entirely given up on Pokemon Snap (he just made it to the Voluca Illumina Spot!).
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