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Happy Independence Day (Observed)!

Since we figured all our publishers had the day off today, we didn't bother emailing any of them about getting any kind of a work schedule, which means we took the work on Edens Zero! There are no holidays in the simulpub life. It's okay, though, because we really love Edens Zero. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to see the anime, and I'm really glad that when Netflix said it was coming "this fall," it actually meant around the time kids go back to school, rather than the actual fall. August is still squarely within summer, but I don't care, I get to watch Edens Zero!

(We were especially nervous about this, because several years ago, Disneyland said they were going to do something "spring of" ...whatever year it was...and it didn't start/open until June 19th. That's two days before summer, y'all. But still technically spring, so no false advertising.)

We did go ahead and order the Edens Zero soundtrack, because we waited to get the Fire Force Season 2 soundtrack, and the Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun soundtrack, and by the time we went to order them, they were no longer available. This was a highly unfavorable situation, and we did not want to repeat it, so we ordered the Edens Zero soundtrack last week, and now it's on its way! But you guys, it's so funny. We saw the track list at the official Edens Zero website, and all the track names are in English. One of them is "Heck!" and for some reason, we think that's the most hilarious thing. We love it so much.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Edens Zero (this week's chapter was surprisingly difficult), our copy of the Edens Zero soundtrack being on its way (it will be a while getting here, though; we went with the least expensive shipping option), getting a picture of sleeping Espeon that was super duper cute, Heck!, and getting our Golden State Stimulus checks.
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