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So, knowing Mom to be rather fickle, and knowing that there was a possibility of our Disneyland plans being altered, we decided it would be wise to call and confirm in case we needed to tell people not to pick us up for church the next Sunday. This was also spurred on by the fact that, after sending Mom an e-mail telling her what we found out about hotels, we got no response.

When I called Mom, she picked up and said, "I'm so glad you called, because I've been meaning to call you!" So I said, "Oh! Then I'm glad, too, that I called," because for some reason my grammar had been thrown off. She responded with, "No you're not," to which I said, "Yes I am!" and she explained that, "No you're not, because it's bad news."

This sends me into a minor panic, because, with Mom being our accountant, and the way our financial situation has been lately, I was afraid we owed someone some money that we didn't have. Which is why I was significantly less disappointed than I normally would have been to find out that our Disneyland plans have in fact been cancelled. *sigh*

See, apparently when Mom picked Sarah up from school the other day, Sarah was quite distressed because she just found out that the color guard, of which she is a part, has a performance on April 29th, the day we would be at Disneyland. This was upsetting because she had gone to every single rehearsal, and yet this would be the third performance that she missed. Being the awesome, understanding sisters that we are, we acted totally cool with it, and we do understand. We know that it's important to her. But the more I think about it, the more sad I am that we're not going to Disneyland.

Mom wants to reschedule Disneyland (dude, she better!), she just doesn't know when would be a good time. She wants to make sure we have to stay overnight, because first, the idea of leaving at five in the morning and coming back at five in the morning isn't very appealing, and second, if we do that (make it a one-day thing), Steve will want to take his kids, and Mom doesn't really like that idea, because of all the "fun" we had last time we went to Disneyland with Steve's family. She realizes it's not a very good way to be, but that's how it is.

In the meantime, now we have to come up with something else totally awesome to do for our birthday. Fortunately, this year we have someone we can do something awesome with, assuming our anime buddy doesn't have plans. It is kind of sad, because really the only thing I can think of that would make the timing of Kingdom Hearts II be more perfect is for us to go to Disneyland in a week. But alas. At least this way we might get birthday presents and a trip to Disneyland.

Today I'm thankful for knowing what's going on, distracting manga, the orchestrated version of Hikari, Minnie Mouse pajamas, and kitties that aren't too old to chase their tails.
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