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Clearly the side effects of vaccines are different for different people. Everything we'd heard (almost), and even the pharmacists we talked to yesterday (that was yesterday? it feels like a billion years ago), said the for the first dose it's generally just a sore arm. We were not so lucky. Soon before bed last night, I started shivering uncontrollable, and Athena had chills in the middle of the night, too. Neither of us got much sleep, and since our activities yesterday were conducive to headaches even without vaccines, today was very difficult. We mostly just lay in bed playing video games, watching TV, and trying not to die.

I do think that it wasn't just the vaccine, but dang, it does not make me excited to get the second dose, which is supposedly worse? Aaaaanngh... Fortunately, we do know of one person who had a harder time with the first dose than the second, and she said that part of the reason she had an easier time with the second dose is that she made sure to eat first. So as usual, the problem seems to be our failure at taking care of ourselves, and if we make sure we're well-fed before we get our second doses, hooooopefully there will be less death.

As for today, we summoned some Tylenol from the internet, which may or may not be why I'm feeling somewhat more alive than I was earlier in the day. I still have aches all over, though. But soon we will go to bed and hopefully get much better sleep than last night.

Today I'm thankful for grocery summoning services, having plenty of things to entertain ourselves while we were immobilized, finally getting Lycanroc's four-star behavior in Pokemon Snap, painkillers, and sleep.
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