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Summer break

I think I may have mentioned that our work schedule is sliiiightly nonexistent right now. We may need to start emailing editors soon. But we decided to take it easy this week, because...we...wanted to.

That being the case, today we checked out a new show on Netflix by the people who created H2O: Just Add Water. It's called "The Bureau of Magical Things," and it was almost certainly inspired by Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It's about a girl who ends up with magical powers, and she has to help the magical world keep magic a secret by containing all the magical items that find their way into the human world. The first one's a flying chair. We only watched three episodes, and it's cute so far.

Today I'm thankful for getting to check out a cute new show, getting to sleep in this morning, finding out how to get Flygon to do Dragon Dance, having plans to try out some crazy shakes tomorrow, and remembering to order the Edens Zero soundtrack.
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