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Well, I do feel a little embarrassed about my premature rant on the Seven Deadly Sins yesterday. Athena mentioned that they had the ending sequence like usual, and that should have been a dead giveaway that it wasn't any kind of a finale. Still, we've kind of gotten used to Netflix having a giant thing that says, "This Series will be BACK!!" when a batch of episodes is over, and this one has nothing. I guess the end card thing is only for live action stuff. Oh well.

I mean, the battles are still too long. But there was a lot of great stuff. The first one that jumps to mind is King's transformation! We can't take his hair seriously at all, but even with the silly hair, it looks good on him. It was pretty awesome when he just grew a tree out of nowhere and then used its leaves to make himself a new outfit. Speaking of which, dang, all the guys in this series can make their own clothes! ...And Ban still chooses to make ones that don't fit. But anyway, it's fun to see Ban and Meliodas just casually making their own tannery in Purgatory. And Meliodas's outfit had metal studs on it? Are they smithing, too?

Meliodas's body getting taken over by the Demon King was NOT cool, but the dual battle with Ban fighting outside and Meliodas fighting inside was cool. I loved how the Demon King was all, "What can one human do alone?" and Ban was all, "I'm not alone, stupid." And then when the whole party went into Meliodas's mind to cheer him on! Awww, it was just like in Final Fantasy IX! Only way different. But a very similar concept.

Diane reacting to King's new outfit was super cute. ...And...there was a lot of cool stuff, but right now my memory is filled with bits where I was impatiently waiting for the thing to happen that I wanted to happen. Like Ban showing up to fight the Demon King when everybody else was practically dying. It was really awesome when he did show up, though. I liked how he whispered creepily into Demon King Meliodas's ear, and I especially like it because he was almost certainly talking to the real Meliodas, saying, "Okay, I'm here to fight him on the outside, you start fighting him on the inside!"

...All of the story beats were just what I wanted them to be. I just wanted the them to pick up the tempo. It really is a great story.

Today I'm thankful for finding out that there is still half a season of Seven Deadly Sins, managing to finish an unusually difficult chapter of UQ Holder, getting to snap plenty of Pokemons, a new show that we're interested in coming to Netflix tomorrow, and filtered water.
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