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We just finished watching Seven Deadly Sins and we are not okay. We watched four more episodes, and then we were like, "Wait...they didn't pull a Fruits Basket on us, did they?" So we checked, and sure enough, there were only twelve episodes in this season.

Okay, this thing where they make an anime adaptation of a really great manga series, with multiple 24-episodes seasons, and then they make the final season only half that length and rush to get to the end has got to stop. It was alllllmost okay with Fruits Basket, because we didn't have to deal with hours upon hours (or so it felt) of limited animation battle scenes while we're thinking, "There are so many unanswered questions!!! Hurry and beat this guy so we can answer the questions!!!!" And then they finish the battle and...that's it. No more answers, just also no more fighting. I mean, I get that the awesome fight scenes are a major highlight for a lot of shonen anime fans, but I like to think the majority of them also like plot and character development. Or is that just us?


How is this possibly okay!? And the opening sequence has Arthur there, impaled by Excalibur, like at the end of season three...and apparently he's just going to stay there, dead, because the opening sequence is the ONLY time he shows up in the season. This is beyond infuriating.

...Maybe it was a plot to raise manga sales. I mean, I know anime adaptations have always been a major means of selling manga. And the sad irony of it all is that we can't buy the manga because the manga company we work for (which is also the one that makes Seven Deadly Sins) won't pay us enough. This may require a very slow reading of the series on the Maga Pocket app...but we don't have time for that! There's too many Pokemons to snap! ...Us and our priorities. But in our defense, we've already paid for the Pokemons.

I just can't even anymore. This is. Ugh.

So there's a movie that hits theaters in Japan this very Friday. From the trailer it looks like they miiiiiight? answer the rest of the unanswered questions? But it also looks like they'll just skip ahead to King and Diane's wedding and then focus on the new baddies. Uuuuuuuugh.

AND WE STILL DON'T KNOW HOW MELIODAS AND ELIZABETH MET!!!!! And how she turned him from the emotionless Leader of the Ten Commandments into soft squishy Meliodas. I do have to admit the possibility that the manga didn't answer any of these questions, either. I understand that people were very unhappy with the ending of Fairy Tail. But there's so much in The Seven Deadly Sins that indicates that the manga artist at least knows the answers and wasn't just making stuff up as he went like Mashima-sensei did with Fairy Tail.

Anyway. I just. I. I can't.

Today I'm thankful for series with satisfying endings (here's looking at you, Lupin! (it's actually not over yet, but it could have ended with season two and been very satisfying)), at least having seen all of the Seven Deadly Sins anime (except for the new movie), the cool air coming from the window, Ban still being the best friend ever, and getting to move on with my life now.

EDIT: I meant to look it up before writing this angry rant, but I got distracted and forgot what I was doing. Anyway, the point is, we DID look it up, and the season really does have 24 episodes like all the others, so we do still have half a season to go, and while we’re still impatient with the battle scenes, we’re feeling much better about life.
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