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Miraculous manga day!

Our work schedule has gotten to be very light, and we only had one final readthrough to work on today, so we finished that in about an hour and took the rest of the day off. A good day for it, too, because today is Shonen Sirius day, which means it's Miraculous Manga day! Woohoo!

Gabriel is already starting to think about figuring out Ladybug and Chat Noir's secret identities! Oh my goodness, it took him so long to even consider it in the show! But now he's like, "You know, I bet I can get rid of them a lot quicker if I find out who they are..." which is really very smart of him, but does make for a lot fewer episodes. This is probably good for a monthly manga series, not so good for a weekly TV series. For the TV version, it's reasonable that Gabriel would be like, "I can't search every teenager in Paris. We'll just deal with the superheroes when we see them."

Anyway, my favorite part was when Nathalie was like, "I checked Adrien's credit card records, and there's nothing about purchasing a ring." And then she adds, "But he gets gifts from fans all the time, so I suspect it came from one of them." Bwa ha ha ha. It's...a pretty logical theory, actually.

And the other good news for the day is that we finally unlocked all the hidden routes in Pokemon Snap! ...Or at least, all the ones you get titles for. Now we can focus on our completism without being like, "Of course we don't have that behavior--there's a whole route we haven't unlocked yet!"

Today I'm thankful for getting to have a nice leisurely day, unlocking all the routes in Pokemon Snap, having the cutest picture of singing Vaporeon, getting to hear French Meliodas's demon king voice, and getting to read the latest chapter of Miraculous manga.
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