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Final Fantasy IX series! Woooooo!

Oh my gosh, you guys! They're making a TV series of Final Fantasy IX!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! It's only the best Final Fantasy ever, and it's getting a series! This is so great! ...I mean, if they do it well, it's great news. I hope they do it well, because FF9 is the best Final Fantasy ever, as previously stated.

For us, the most exciting part is that it's actually a French studio in charge of production. I mean, you know us and our current obsession with French entertainment. But the thing is Zidane and Chat Noir are extremely similar in personality, so getting more of either of them is pretty great in and of itself, but we're also thinking it's not entirely unlikely that they would cast our very favorite French voice actor in the role of Zidane. And our favorite Final Fantasy character voiced by our current favorite voice actor of all time sounds like the best thing ever!

We may add a replay of Final Fantasy IX to our to-do list, but right now, that list is dominated by our Seven Deadly Sins rewatch. We didn't even snap any Pokemons today. ...There were extenuating circumstances for that. I slept in this morning accidentally, and then work took longer than we'd hoped. We should have known it would take a while, because that simulpub always does, but it also has the illusion of being very easy. Maybe I'll talk about why that is one day, but for today! FINAL FANTASY IX SERIES!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Today I'm thankful for having an FF9 series to look forward to, finishing work not too much later than usual, not hating the cauliflower chips we tried, getting to watch some pretty great episodes of Seven Deadly Sins, and having some yummy ice cream to eat very soon.
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