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So we finally heard back from the Nova Group yesterday, via snail mail. Neither of us was accepted for a job, which is depressing. But on the other hand, it's kind of a relief, because we don't have to worry about figuring out who will take care of the cats, or buying new wardrobes or anything like that. One of my greatest fears was that one of us would get sent to Hokkaido and the other to Okinawa. Heck, even if it was just like Tokyo and Osaka, it would be bad. And we don't have to worry about that, either. So it has its silver lining.

But now's the scary part, because we have to figure out some other way to ensure that we won't be living on the streets within six months. Our original plan B was to apply to work at ADV, since they have in-house translators, which means steady income. I checked last night and they're still hiring, but I'm not quite sure I'm ready to work for a company I have professed to heartily dislike on so many occasions. And I really like California. And Texas happens to be in completely the opposite direction of Japan. Of course, working at an anime company could potentially get us closer to Japan. So we're still weighing our options. But I am still wondering how on earth we're going to get to Japan. And I know things will work out; I'm just not sure if going to Japan is part of that. Ah well.

In happier news, today we finally got the books for a new series we got a work order for several weeks ago. We weren't sure if we really got the series, because the work order came very suddenly and without warning, so we didn't quite believe it existed. But now we have the books, so we know it's true. It's great, because we actually happened to buy the magazine with the first chapter of this series, and I read it and liked it and wanted to read more. And then we stumbled on information about the CD dramas, which had some of our favorite voice actors (though thinking about it, we have so many favorites, it would be hard for a series not to have one or two of them), and we really wanted to read it so we could get the CD drama, or at least listen to a sample of the drama without spoilers. But we were still very poor. So we thought, very wishfully, "Maybe TokyoPop will get the rights, and then we'll get to translate it." And then the work order came. And that's why it was so hard to believe.

And now we're finally working on it, and we think it's great so far, except that it's hard and taking a long time. Hopefully that will change when we get more into the groove. We also got the books for another new series that looks adorable, so we're pretty excited. The only problem being actual work gives us an excuse not to look into potential work, and we kind of need potential work right now. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for not having to find somewhere to leave the cats, not having to worry about buying luggage for a while, having new manga to translate, not having to buy a new wardrobe, and adverbs.
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