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I think I mentioned earlier that we've been working on the manga version of The Invincible Shovel lately. Once we finish a first draft of a volume, we read that part of the light novels so we can check terms and maintain consistency. Not surprisingly, the novel has things happen differently from the manga...but considering the scandals that have gone on with Seven Seas light novels recently, we can't help but wonder how much is the manga changing things and how much is English-language editors changing things. We were sorely tempted to buy the Japanese LN on Book Walker today, but we're going through another broke phase. It's...tiring.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch another episode of Lupin, managing to finish a tricky chapter of our weekly simulpub, getting to buy a new painting from Redd (hopefully it's legit!), the nice cool weather we had today, and the yummy pizza we had for dinner.
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