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Across the country and back

Well, we have returned from our trip across the country. It was preeeetty wild. Our flight out of LA left at six, and they advise getting to the airport two hours early, so our shuttle picked us up at three-thirty, and that was super exciting in the sense that it had been a source of dread that we hid in the backs of our minds most of last week. When the fateful night before came along, we were intending to go to bed early, but then we checked email one last time and found one from an editor saying hey, could you do the character description and story-so-far pages for the next volume of this simulpub of yours? So we were like, "I guess we can do it on the plane or something..." and then I remembered that to make sure the file was in the right format, we'd have to pack the Chromebook, and we were determined not to pack any device bigger than an iPad, so we stayed up to get that done and ended up going to bed at the normal time.

On the bright side, we did both manage to wake up before the alarm and be alert enough to function, and that did turn out to be the most difficult part of the trip. We got to the airport, made all our flights, and ended up in Baltimore without a hitch. Our airline had some episodes of the new Animaniacs reboot, so we checked out the first one was okay, I guess. There were some fun ideas, like Brain's plan to take over the world by brainwashing people with a cute animal video. But there just seemed to be an ever so slight shift in tone that just didn't quite click with us.

Anyway. In Baltimore we met up with some family members, because we were all flying in for a family reunion Friday night, followed by our father's memorial service Saturday morning. Our family's really not great at staying in touch, much less getting together, so it took a death to make us all go, "Oh hey, we should see each other!" So we did. We met some aunts and uncles and cousins that we hadn't seen in over a decade--some we hadn't seen since before we were old enough to remember stuff. We found out that one of our cousins (whom we've still never met because he wasn't there) is an award-winning composer.

...But I confess, Athena and I treated it like we do most parties. We found a spot and stayed there cowering most of the time. I mean, when people came by to talk to us, we happily talked with them, but as usual, we were too afraid to approach anyone ourselves. Just because we're technically related by blood doesn't really make them any less scary than other people. Sometimes it makes it more scary! Fortunately, most of our family is pretty reclusive, so nobody was offended. (More than one person at the reunion said something along the lines of, "Covid just gave me an excuse to be the hermit I always wanted to be.")

After the reunion, Celeste and Sarah and the two of us went back to our hotel room to practice the musical number we agreed to sing at Dad's service. And then we stayed up late talking and attempted to get some sleep. We did not succeed, and Athena and I got back pretty late last night, so I think I'll save the rest of this report for tomorrow so we can get more sleep tonight.

Today I'm thankful for making it to and from Baltimore safely, the super duper nice shuttle drivers who took us to and from the airport (we considered asking a friend to drive us, but we didn't want to make anyone get up at those horrendous times unless they were used to it and/or getting paid), getting to reconnect with some family members, Delta Airlines giving out Biscoff cookies for in-flight snacks, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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