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Minecraft update

Today was a very special day in that it was the day Minecraft got the first part of its Cliffs & Caves update. So there were new creatures to encounter and new ores to mine, and that meant we had a very excited nephew who wanted to play a lot. Fittingly, we were working on The Invincible Shovel today...I mean, you mostly use a pickaxe in Minecraft, but the main character in the Invincible Shovel is a miner, so... Anyway, it was also unfortunate, because The Invincible Shovel can be a very wordy series, which means it can be very time-consuming. So we didn't get as much work done as we'd hoped, but we did meet our quota, and that's the important thing.

We also mined a fair amount of copper. According to reports, you can also now find amethyst geodes, but so far we've had no luck on that front.

Today I'm thankful for getting to hear Grawp's excitement about the cool new Minecraft stuff, meeting our work quota, remembering to watch the latest episode of Fruits Basket, having a lovely chat with Mom on the phone, and the June sun shining through our windows.
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