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This morning, Grawp called at ten on the dot and said we had to join Hagger's next battle in Splatoon. Athena informs me that she was specifically instructed to join secretly, which explains why I didn't hear Hagger chiming in. And she had to hurry, because there was only a minute left in the current battle, and we were like, "Well, that's a lost cause, then," because Splatoon takes more than a minute to boot up and get to where you can actually play. It was a moot point anyway, because right after that battle, Hagger switched to a different game.

We don't know what Grawp's motives were--was he trying to help Hagger feel better because he was losing and playing with Athena tends to help his confidence and his game? (This is an observed fact, stated by Hagger himself, but not in so many words.) Or was he just thinking hey, if I can't play the Switch, I can at least have some control over events? We may never find out.

Since the Splatoon thing didn't work out, Grawp told Athena to level up or something because he was going to play Splatoon when it was his turn. We were pretty psyched about that because we love playing Splatoon. But Grawp didn't know how much time Hagger had left, so Athena said, "Well, I do have a little work to do, so I'm going to go do that and you can let me know when you're ready."

So we got back to work on Edens Zero. And we were oh so very close to finished when he called! and said, "I'm playing Minecraft." ...Curses, thwarted on two fronts. It wasn't a total bust, though. Athena did some exploring and found some pretty neat stuff. Right now we're into trading with villagers, because it gives you some semblance of a goal...but if Grawp finds out where Athena is, he'll come hang out in the village and kill the villagers just for funsies. I don't know about all the shooters people are complaining about, but I can't help but wonder if games like Minecraft have a hand in desensitizing our nation.

And that was our morning. Today I'm thankful for getting to hang out with Grawp, finishing Edens Zero and the volume of Fire Force we were working on, finishing Shadow & Bone, managing to get into Lugia's lair again, and Pikachu riding Mantine.
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